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  1. Vintage "Ski" Centurion

    Thanks for the advice rhino! I agree as well, I love the retro look. The van would be an epic tow vehicle lol!! I will have to look around some other places to see if I can get a better quote on the interior.
  2. Vintage "Ski" Centurion

    so i am looking to re-upholster the inside. would it be best to keep the original pleats in the seats, or update the inside with a newer style look but keep some of the colors close to the original? I know to keep the pleating is quite a bit more expensive due to the time to sow those in. thanks for any advise, Jim
  3. Vintage "Ski" Centurion

    I just picked this 82 trutrac up! love the old school boats!
  4. Thank you so much for the links and the information Tim! I really appreciate it!
  5. Hey everyone! Just picked up this 82 trutrac! she needs some tlc so I was curious if anyone had a good website for oem parts? might be a stretch to find these old parts but thought I would ask! thanks for your time

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