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  1. FI 23 Surf settings

    Great info Tleeah. You are not the only one looking to dial in your wave. I just took delivery on my Fi23 last Friday and spent the weekend looking to dial it in. I have all available ballast except the transom locker where i have 400lbs of lead. I have yet to move the lead anywhere else in the boat besides the transom locker. I found weighting the boat to the primary side you are surfing using ramfil helps. Also having if you have more than two people skew the weight in the boat to the surf side. I surf goofy, so most my observations are from that point of view. I found if you steer the boat slightly to the left, when surfing goofy it cleans up, and really firms up the lip/crest of the wave. It also extends how far you can ride and gives a steeper wave that i found more fun to surf. If the boat is weighted properly you will still have plenty of push. With two to four people in the boat my ideal settings for goofy were: speed: 11.0 to 11.2 CATS: -6 Center Tab: 45 Ramfill P: 95 Ramfill S: 100 Rear PNP P: 100 Rear PNP S: 100 Center Tank: 40 Bow PNP: 0 Transom: 400lbs. (I found I liked it when I moved one 50lb bag from the port to starboard side in the locker when surfing goofy) Quicklaunch and Quicksurf are engaged. Only a couple pics to share, which dont do the wave justice. Will find out more about the wave on this baby next weekend and will share.

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