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  1. I think it would set one hell of a precedence for a company like CorrectCraft to LEAD the industry out of a marketing gimmick instead of following Malibu's corporate spin to sell more boats. Imagine if your boats were all priced 20-30% lower than the competition and have amazing build quality to boot. I'm "SURE" customers "ALWAYS" would still gravitate towards a significantly higher priced product with poor build quality just because of a "GREAT DEAL." Even if dealers had to spend a bit of time telling customers about the gimmick and pricing strategies that would instill some well deserved trustworthiness. I also find it dishonest to try to convince banks(as well as customers) that there is some type of equity in a product, when there clearly is not, in order to manipulate the loan percentages. If a dealer can mislead a bank, they are clearly misleading you as well, as it all trickles down to the buyer. I would think to myself "Oh, the dealer is pulling a fast one on my bank so I'll get a better rate. Wait a second if they pull a fast one on my bank, what keeps them from pulling a fast one on me." Again trustworthiness, integrity, legit pricing, equals long term loyal customers.
  2. Thought I'd throw in my two cents. Sold my last boat about 5 months ago. Been keeping an eye on the market to see what interests us this time around. This will be my 6th boat purchase. Pricing is RIDICULOUS!!!!. Nothing has changed much over the years as far as sales strategies, etc. I have tolerated it for many years but it's really starting to wear on me. These grossly over inflated MSRP's just destroy any ounce of integrity in this industry. An RI237 has been a boat of interest for us, and I've gotten some pricing over the last few months. Basically, a fully loaded boat with 450 engine. These are some of the initial pricing I received. New 2019 Ri237 with drop zone tower MSRP $175,000 dealer price $126,000 New left over 2018 zero hours, decent colors, "Fall Special" was $125,000 Used 2018 factory demo boat just under 200hrs, decent colors $119,000 See a pattern here? I was a little irritated with the pricing on the demo boat. 200hrs, are you serious? That's is roughly four seasons of use for the "AVERAGE" boater. The big selling point for them was you will be the original owner, and it has a full warranty. According to the bank and DMV maybe......... THIS statement should be a huge red flag for buyers and banks. Auto dealers don't need inflated MSPR's to get banks to buy auto loans. Why do boat dealers need to give the bank the idea that the boat is valued at $50,000 over selling price??????? Does that create a sense of true value of the product or loose it in a mountain of BS? Again huge loss of integrity with the industry as a whole.
  3. No cda here. I have family that would love for me to move their, but that's not gonna happen for awhile. Sounds like I need to find a different user name. Sorry for the confusion. Thanks for all the input, keep it coming. I know there are more converts out there. How willing are dealers to do warranty work when the need arrives? I had to pull teeth and hair prior. Something about the low reimbursement and it was a price point boat, but I'm sure they knew that getting into the game. Have heard Nautique's reimbursement is excellent and they bend over backwards to fix every little issue. How's centurion's? Just a little background Info that has brought me to this point: My Axis spent a combined 270 days at the dealer in just the first two years. It was completely unacceptable. The more they worked on it the worse it got. I just don't want to repeat the experience. Coming from the automotive industry QC was a complete joke. Is their a boat company that is on par with Toyota's QC?
  4. We're looking at an RI237 possibly and Fi23. Leaning towards 237.
  5. Hello, New to the forum, been researching the Centurion brand as a possible new boat. I've heard great things here and on TheMalibuCrew and i just wanted to get some direct feedback. I Purchased a new in 2014 Axis A22 and to say the least it was a horrific experience. Experience with the Dealer as well as manufacturer has pushed us in search of a brand with some integrity, we will never consider them again. We are just curious if all boat brands are heading in the same direction. Ive recognized so many names here that I've seen on TMC and Would love to hear about your experiences coming from Malibu/Axis or any other brand, at both the dealer and manufacturer levels. If you would rather not publicly discuss it please private message me. Thanks, Doug

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