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  1. No cda here. I have family that would love for me to move their, but that's not gonna happen for awhile. Sounds like I need to find a different user name. Sorry for the confusion. Thanks for all the input, keep it coming. I know there are more converts out there. How willing are dealers to do warranty work when the need arrives? I had to pull teeth and hair prior. Something about the low reimbursement and it was a price point boat, but I'm sure they knew that getting into the game. Have heard Nautique's reimbursement is excellent and they bend over backwards to fix every little issue. How's centurion's? Just a little background Info that has brought me to this point: My Axis spent a combined 270 days at the dealer in just the first two years. It was completely unacceptable. The more they worked on it the worse it got. I just don't want to repeat the experience. Coming from the automotive industry QC was a complete joke. Is their a boat company that is on par with Toyota's QC?
  2. We're looking at an RI237 possibly and Fi23. Leaning towards 237.
  3. Hello, New to the forum, been researching the Centurion brand as a possible new boat. I've heard great things here and on TheMalibuCrew and i just wanted to get some direct feedback. I Purchased a new in 2014 Axis A22 and to say the least it was a horrific experience. Experience with the Dealer as well as manufacturer has pushed us in search of a brand with some integrity, we will never consider them again. We are just curious if all boat brands are heading in the same direction. Ive recognized so many names here that I've seen on TMC and Would love to hear about your experiences coming from Malibu/Axis or any other brand, at both the dealer and manufacturer levels. If you would rather not publicly discuss it please private message me. Thanks, Doug

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