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  1. I used to use Tapatalk to use this forum/update pictures or post pictures. What does everyone else do on here to use the forum? Just using the internet? How do you post pictures. Thanks
  2. Wheels, I owe you big time. Thanks brotha. Just barely had the chance to put that starter solenoid in. Started every time. So far🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞. Thanks again
  3. Just ordered one online. Thanks wheels, I’ll let you know if it works. 🤞🤞🤞
  4. Is it directly below and off to the side of that circuit breaker reset button?
  5. There are times I get my 2006 Avalanche C4 to the ramp and turn the key, NO start. I’ve replaced the neautral safety switch, ignition, red safety switch and now the starter from what a shop told me it was bad. Still does it. Any help would be appreciated. Could it be in the throttle?????
  6. I'm in need of changing out my board racks on my tower. I have a Skylon Swoop on my Centurion Avalanche C4. Need a rack that holds a wakeboard and surf. Any recommendations? Thanks
  7. Has anyone ever had there side swipe removed and had the heads replaced and take the exhaust back to the rear? Thinking of doing it to my Avalanche C4 Storm Series. Just too loud. It's an 06 so not sure if worth doing it or just waiting to upgrade boat all together. Thanks
  8. Looks good. How are you posting pictures? Using an app? I like the color combo for sure. My boat was all scratched up from the previous owner leaving it docked during wind storms so I had mine completely wrapped. Like your simple change.
  9. Looking to see if anyone is selling a bimini for over the top on a Skylon swoop tower. Sewlongwont do one unless my boat was there for them to do it on. Or if anyone else knows where I can call to have one made besides towerbiminis. Thanks in advance
  10. Bimini Help

    I contacted them today. Still waiting for an e mail back with stuff I need to measure. How much did the cover cost you guys? Do you guys have pictures you can post? Thanks
  11. Bimini Help

    I can't find X2 anywhere is there a full name that I can contact them with?
  12. Bimini Help

    I need to get a Bimini for my Centurion Avalanche that has a Skylon Swoop tower. Has anyone done a over the top Bimini on the tower. Thanks in advance
  13. Help finding surf/wakeboard tower mounts

    I also need to invest on a Bimini to install on my tower any sugestions there?
  14. Help finding surf/wakeboard tower mounts

    Thanks buddy

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