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  1. Removing Side Swipe

    I was planning on contacting you about them when I get my boat out of storage and am able to measure the side swipe plate to ensure they would fit. I live in Michigan and it just snowed last night, so it may be a bit longer before I get the boat out.
  2. Removing Side Swipe

    They are under the water line until the boat gets underway, then the water drops below them making them loud.
  3. Removing Side Swipe

    I have an 04 cyclone with side swipe and was looking into getting coals (https://www.shapeways.com/product/9P2TEGCNH/sideswipe-cowl-lh?optionId=63375301), but you're saying you were able to notice a difference with the inserts? Were they difficult to install?
  4. High rpms while idle

    forgive me for being mechanically simple, but what are you referring to with the cable? The throttle cable?
  5. I have an 04 cyclone with 5.7 350 mercruiser. Today when I put in neutral, it would the rpms would go up to 1300, but when I would put it in gear real slow they would drop to 900-1000. Any ideas? I was about to put it away for the winter, but woul like to get this taken care of first.
  6. Bypass impeller

    Is there anything you guys would use to coat the impeller during the winter? Grease, oil, Vaseline?
  7. Bypass impeller

    Thanks for the input. I will change the impeller. By bypass, I meant hook a hose to the line off the impeller to the engine.
  8. My engine started overheating at the end of the day and I killed the engine and let it cool down. I got it out with no other issue and assume it's the impeller. I was wondering if there is a way to bypass the impeller so I can winterize it and change out the impeller in the spring. I have a 04 cyclone with a mercruiser 350 5.7.
  9. Is it normal for ballast pumps to drain a lot of battery power? I hands and 04 cyclone with 3 sets of aerator pumps. As I drain the ballast with radio and engine on, I get warnings the battery is draining to 11.9.
  10. What do people use? I'll be winterizing it myself for the first time this year and was wondering.
  11. I was wondering what form of lubrication for the water pump impeller people use. I plan to do my own winterization this year for the first time and was wondering what people use when they switch it out or even if lubing it is needed for the winter.
  12. Hein, I'm just following up with your cowls...did you make them yourself or buy them?
  13. Hein, I have the side swipe as well (04 cyclone) and am looking for ways to decrease the noise. How effective was your cover? I've been looking at these: Slip-in silencer http://www.cpperformance.com/p-12622-4-slip-in-silencer.aspx Or Exhaust baffle https://www.bakesonline.com/detail.aspx?ID=3278
  14. I piggy backed my center tank to an old ballast bag under the port cabin seat. I just inserted the bag in the vent line with some parts from home depot. Works ok, but the water pressure will push the water through the drain aerator pump. So I looped it and extended it. Works good enough and I only spent $5 for the hardware
  15. I posted a similar question a few weeks ago for side swipe. Here are the options i found, but haven't tried either. I would like to hear of anyone has tried them bakes https://www.bakesonline.com/detail.aspx?ID=3278 Or this slip in silencer http://www.cpperformance.com/p-12622-4-slip-in-silencer.aspx. I have a 2004 cyclone with side swipe.

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