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  1. I have the plunger fake lake and would like to update to the tee with garden hose adapter. I don't have a valve where the water uptake hose comes in to the boat. Do you guys think if I put a check valve before the tee to prevent the water from escaping out the intake hose it would be ok or should I just install a ball valve?
  2. I saw in a post about perfect pass paddlewheel you use the nauticlaugic. I see its about half the price as to upgrade the perfectpass to stargazer. Are you still happy with the nauticlaugic?
  3. I'm able to post the pics... the file is too big. Similar to this: https://mastercraftafrica.com/index.php/product/xt21/ My sundeck is 3 sections. So I tookthe middle upholstery off, cut about a 14 inch section out of the middle foam padding, re upholstered the side and place the sea deck in the middle.
  4. I took out the vinyl on the sun deck on the middle compartment, cut a 12 inch strip out of the pad and out a 12 inch strip of sea deck down the middle. I then wrapped the other 2 sides with vinyl.
  5. What do you guys use to re upholster your boat? I figure marine vynl, but there are so many different options. Just wondering what others have used in the past. It'll be for my sun deck.
  6. Kids wake surf boards

    We actually used the HO sure shot (www.wakehouse.com/products/ho-sure-shot-platform-trainer.html?dfw_tracker=10071-2854&gclid=Cj0KCQjwgMnYBRDRARIsANC2dfmOX0Lb1O241didaeM0MI8FzQN3lxl-bNe_vF4JzJ9q5gpVCSt0E8QaA) when she was 2 1/2 for 2 summers. In the beginning I would wake skate next to her to be there when she fell. Then we got her a wake board when she was 4 and she does well with that. Now she sees us surfing and of course want to do that.
  7. Here are the pictures. I checked again and it seems like I printed it at 100%. But then again, I do juvenile probation work and engineering is foreign to me.
  8. Any recommendations? My 7 year old daughter rides with me, but wants to go by herself and can't pop the board up to get started.
  9. I just reprinted it 2 more times. The file I downloaded came out as a PDF that was set for "fit page", which was 94. I increased that to 100% and it looked like by height and width moved. I will get pictures for you tonight when I get home from work. Thanks again for double checking this...I think I'm doing it right, but have no experience with CNC
  10. I cut it out and it looked good height wise. But seemed about 3/16 short width wise.
  11. Here are some pics... let me one of you need more.
  12. What is the size of your side swipe? I am interested in your cowls. I measured the chrome on my side swipe at 9 9/16 by 5 1/8. Was that what yours was?
  13. What is the size of your side swipe? I am interested in your cowls. I measured the chrome on my side swipe at 9 9/16 by 5 1/8. Was that what yours was?
  14. Removing Side Swipe

    I was planning on contacting you about them when I get my boat out of storage and am able to measure the side swipe plate to ensure they would fit. I live in Michigan and it just snowed last night, so it may be a bit longer before I get the boat out.
  15. Removing Side Swipe

    They are under the water line until the boat gets underway, then the water drops below them making them loud.

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