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  1. Hey all, It has been a while since I visited the forum, strange how work gets in the way of fun. We are getting ready to do our annual boat trip to the NW and looking to maybe purchase a new board. Based on what I have researched I am looking hard at the Phase 5 Ahi. Yes I know it is crazy to buy a board before you actually demo it but in our case that is not an option. I am a 62 y/o solid intermediate+ surfer with a strong slalom past, ride mtn and moto bikes, snow ski, etc. I am 5'10 180ish lbs depending weather it is a weekend or weekday. We currently have an Inland Surfer skim board not sure on the model (2014ish), a Ronix Coal something or other (my wifes board) and she loves it but the rest of think it is a dog. We have our first board which is a Ronix Cortez, it is a big surf style board that is indestructible, easy to learn on and I actually go back and forth between the IS and the Cortez. My son has a 2013 Ronix Carbon Thruster and it is an awesome board but is showing its use. I would like a board that was similar to that but everyone tells me they don't make them like that any more. Oh and our boat is a 2006 Centruion Enzo that has a great surf wake. Any feed back is most appreciated. Cheers!
  2. In search of Surf Boat

    st68, good luck in your search. Lots of good info on the forums so do your research. This is a picture of our regular wave with a 2006 Enzo SV230 with only 3 people in boat. Bought it with under 130 hours, have about 350 now. We spent about $6500 in under seat ballast and repairs of other things previous owner neglected. It has been a great surf, ski, wakeboard, and general family fun boat. What amazes me is that the Enzo seems to hold its value really well so long as she is cared for. Before you pull the trigger all I can offer is do your due diligence. Read the forums, see what people are asking and selling for and make sure you do a pre purchase inspection. The Enzo provides a great wave with lots of free board so if safety is an issue then you don't have to worry. I have little experience with other boats but my son' is the one who does. 5 years ago I was in your shoes and he told me what to look for. For the money the Enzo offers what you appear to be looking for. Best of luck in your search.
  3. 2006 Enzo storm

    Gnikgnalla, I have a build sheet on the Storm specs but it is too big a file for me to post. PM me and I might be able to send to you in an email. Cheers
  4. 2006 Enzo storm

    Gnicknalla, I have this same boat. I believe there were three different trim levels that year. I bought mine with about 130 hours on it. My son had done a lot of research so we took it to a shop that took out the hard ballast tanks and installed a 1800lb+/- soft sack on the port side locker and under the seat with two pumps and then a smaller 1200/+- lb under the starboard side locker and under the seat with one pump. It is a surf machine. All of our family surfs regular and that wave is nice. The starboard wave is ok but not great without people or soft sacks strategically placed in the boat. I keep a 50lb brick that sits in the bow and that makes the wave a little longer and we also have soft sack of about 300lb under the seat behind the driver when we surf regular. It takes us about 9 minutes to fill and about 7 minutes to dump. I spent about $4K to get the pumps and sacks installed. We love this boat and often when we are at the boat ramp or dock people give us a thumbs up because it is such a classy looking boat. The Enzo has held its value pretty well with new surf boats starting at almost six figures.
  5. Infinity, this is a great write up, really detailed and easy to follow. Thank you for posting. I have had my 06 Enzo 230 with the Scorpion 330 for about 5 years now. I used it and stored about 1500 miles from home. I have had the mechanic who stored it winterize and prep the boat for the inside dry winter storage. But now I have the boat closer to home and going to store her in my own shop so having to winterize myself. I do not consider myself a solid wrencher but do lots of ny own minor maintenance. Questions for the mechanically inclined. Winterizing - drain all the water in the motor and leaving plugs out vs filling with antifreeze? It seems the jury is out on this and pretty evenly mixed. I like to think that antifreeze in the motor vs just draining the water out of it will slow the rusting process inside the motor. Is that a correct assumption? I've thought of buying the Perko inline flush kit but the reviews are about 33% horrible saying the unit comes apart and can leave you with an overheated engine and a sinking boat. Have any of you made your own flush valve with brass fittings that would do the same job the Perko does? Or what if I install the Perko just for winterizing and then replace during the summer season with a brass nipple so I run no risk of the Perko coming apart while I am out on the lake? I am leaning on this process but any advise is much appreciated. The fake a lake is another option and thought that might do the trick, just don't like the mess it makes. In reality it sort of takes two people to winterize the system if your are running water then changing to a bucket of antifreeze and all the other hands on things that need to be done. I know guys do this by themselves but it just seems like a lot more work. My goal is that I want to be able run the motor on land at any time it needs maintenance and during the winterization time. I want the fuel stabilizer gets into the entire fuel system, get it warm enough the thermostat opens so antifreeze goes into the whole cooling system, and fog the throttle body before she is shut down. Any insight is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  6. Traci3b, I have an 06 SV230 with the evolution tower and incorporated bimini. I have had good luck ordering parts from Shel at Centurion. Below is a youtube video link of the exact tower I have. The Bimini is installed on the tower, not the boat. I would suspect that each and every part can be ordered. Anyway It might give you an idea on what to look for. It was two years ago when I was searching Centurion for a couple of the parts incorporated in this top but honestly all I remember is I spoke to Shel at Centurion and she was able to look up part #s diagrams and had the parts shipped right away. Last season I talked to the Evolution Tower people to get a price on surf board racks as mine are made for wake boards. I did a search now and cannot find a link for them. Not sure if they went out of business or not. Here is the youtube link that shows how the top is incorporated into the Evolution Tower. I would send you pics but my boat is 1500 miles away right now. Good luck.
  7. Hey Stoked, Thanks a million for this. I spoke to a guy from Nautic Logic a month ago when i was with the boat but this conversation did not come up. We purchased our NL4 in August of 2014. Installed it and used for 3 weeks. It worked flawlessy except the anaolg speedo was registering, then not, then not registering correctly. We put the boat away until Aug of 2015. In Aug 2015, the analog speedo worked for an hour or so then stopped working but the NL4 worked fine. I had to unplug it to chase down a blown speaker. Not sure if unplugging it then plugging it back in made it go whacko or I am experiencing a bad wire connection, H20 suggested a voltage issue as well. Hmmm!.
  8. H20, Thanks for the input. So after talking with Nautic logic, they seemed to indicate that the paddle wheel is taken out of the equation. In fact my son researched all of this last year (me I can't remember what I did this am) but that was the main reason for going with the Nautic Logic. You bring up a good point. Does the mechanical speedo get its indicator from the paddle wheel or does the paddle wheel send a signal to the Perfect Pass and they work in harmony together? It seems like the people at NL would have brought that up but I don't have a clue. Your idea of voltage to the PP might be the culprit. I will pass that on to the guy who is trying to figure it out. (our boat is 1500 miles away right now) Thank you.
  9. Here is another pic of splice previous owner had done.
  10. Here is a pic of one of the splices previous owner did.
  11. Hello fellow Centurion owners. It has been awhile since I have posted anything which means everything is great. I have an 06 Enzo 23V. Our lake time is quite limited, 2 weeks (30 hours) in 2015. We bought the boat 3 years ago and here is the Readers Digest version of the perfect pass issue we are experiencing.. First time out the mechanical speedo registered intermittently either showing correct speed, incorrect speed or zero. After speaking with PP they suggested a few things. While checking wiring, I found an old dried up hornets nest behind the Cluster. I removed what I could and lo and behold the speedo started working again for a few hours then quit.Second season my son and I installed a Nautic Logic NL4, The PP worked great last year the few times we used it but mechanical speedo was intermittent. Fast forward to present. First time out this season, Speedo worked intemittently then quit but perfect pass worked flawlessly. I was removing a blown sub woofer in front and below steering wheel which involved moving some wires behind the cluster.This involved having to unplug then plug in the NL4. After plugging it back in the perfect pass quit showing speed but would maintain the selected speed and correct RPM. I tried doing a Perfect Pass reset. Now the PP quit working except showing correct RPM. I spoke with Nautic Logic and we determined that the NL4 was working but the Perfect pass was not communicating to speedo. I then removed the cluster to see if I could find a loose connection to speedo. What I found was previous owner had spliced the speedo harness not once but twice. It seems to be all taped up and no loose wires. I suspect this is part of the problem but wondering if anyone has a speedo Schematic that I can pass on to a guy who is looking at it for me. Attached photo shows a cut tiny brown wire that is in the wire loop going to perfect pass. Anyone think this could this be the culprit? I will post a couple other pics of the splice previous owner did.

    2004 Avy with 62 hours cheap and neglected. http://lubbock.craigslist.org/boa/4667415836.html
  13. Here is what is lurking in my bucket list, any suggestions ie: New prop, use the old as a spare. Currently running stock prop on an 06 enzo with 330 scorpion. Running boat at 1100' and use primarily for surfing, some slalom skiing very little boarding,lots of slow cruising. A new board in the quiver. Looking for more of a surf style for a family intermediate board of surfers 5'4 - 135lbs to 5'10 - 190 lbs. Currently have a 5'4 Ronix Cortez and an Inland Surfer Black pearl (4'8" I think) bought from WakeDoc. Love the board btw
  14. Christmas came early!

    Hey Big, very nice, you are gonna really enjoy it. But If and when you outgrow it or for whatever ever reason decide to sell it can I get dibs on it.
  15. Storing outdoors

    jiriki, I see you are in Ohio so winterizing is a must. I believe in winterizing just to get all of the water out of the system and replaced with antifreeze or glyconol so all internal stuff is lubricated and not rusting. With that said, look on Craigslist, there are lots of places now a days that rent large warehouse storage by the foot. In Central Washington where we keep our boat it is big business. Most people pay by the foot ie length of back of boat or trailer to the front tip of trailer. Ours is stored in a climate controlled warehouse so it does not get below freezing but I still winterize it for said reasons above. In the long run it might be easier on the boat than shrink wrapping or throwing a tarp over it.

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