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  1. Fuel consumption Fi 21/23

    That’s impressive with that much weight
  2. Fuel consumption Fi 21/23

    See this seems more on par with what I think u should be burning. Another person I just talked to has the 25’ supra and says it’s an absolute big on gas. And this guy works on boats so I am taking his word on it. Appreciate all the info keep it coming @rhino89523 I am not looking for a new boat yet but when I do I wanna be educated. I have def ruled out a Malibu/axis.
  3. Fuel consumption Fi 21/23

    Infinity surf. Thanks for the reply. I don’t doubt boardco at all. I am actually more curious about the 21 and 23 footers as I will never own a 25. I assume they would be even a little bit better. And yeah the amount of fuel we burned would take the fun out of it pretty quickly especially when the kids Wanna go for so long. Thanks for the time u put into answer. Appreciate it
  4. Fuel consumption Fi 21/23

    Well that is crazy different! Thanks.
  5. Hey everyone, I was out last weekend on a 2018 axis a22. Beautiful boat, I really like the wave, we tried with and without the wedge. However we used a full tank of gas in about 4 hrs. I couldn't believe it. Around 4000lbs plus of ballast. still had room in the lockers to store stuff. like I said really nice boat. But I am floored by how much fuel we used. We were over 4000 rpm without the wedge and upwards of 4600 rpm with wedge. He said he has hi altitude prop. I have a 22ve load it pretty good not 4000lbs but its loaded. I have a 1235 prop and surf is right around 2800-3200 rpm. I can go all day on a tank of fuel and my tank is smaller. I guess my question is what are you guys with Fi 21/23 seeing for fuel usage. Please be honest!! GPH? I watched the Boardco videos, but I am wondering what real world usage has been. thank alot
  6. June pics and video thread 2016

    check out her board though, it an ocean board, not a wakesurf board. but still cool.
  7. Hey thats not very nice, atleast your not throwing it in the water I guess!!!!
  8. May pics and video thread

    funny you say that about black and white, our tige is one of the only 22ve I have seen like it, all the other ones I see are red and white, or some awful config. That was one of the other reasons we jumped on it, should be pretty easy to sell down the road. Yours looks good, what are you looking for.
  9. May pics and video thread

    black and white, black alpha z tower, I tried posting a pic but cant figure it out. yours?
  10. May pics and video thread

    usually alouette is our main, cultus is nice right now though, no one out and a little warmer than alouette, inlaws have a place up in the caribou and put a few hours on up there too. last year we bought the boat and put just over a hundred hours on it. we got ours dialed in pretty good for the port side, 1250 custom sac, 250 factory under floor, 400 on rear port seat and 400 up front. between 11-12mph, I prefer 11.6-12. It is a nice clean solid wave, I really like the new Ri series centurions. I looked at an 07 avy from tony when I first started looking but it needed a full int. so I passed and then this tige was a trade in at redline at boat show time last year and in the time we have had it, it hasn't skipped a beat. There is so much brand cool'aid everywhere, but if your out there having fun and learning from one another that's where its at. that is why I like to look and chime in on diff forums. I like to see everyone having fun out there, see their rides, what they do to make it better, what are the pros and cons, and even watch certain people flip and flop diff brands and talk about what they like better or don't. See ya on the water.
  11. May pics and video thread

    actually ended up buying a tige and was out at cultus the other day when I saw it, I did just get a soulcraft from tony though.
  12. May pics and video thread

    i saw that boat the other day too and started to laugh
  13. skurfer

    extreme boat sports in chilliwack has them, made in same plant as Ronix.

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