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  1. Forgot to mention he has $270,000 invested in the engines alone. 🤪
  2. I have read on different sites that a lot of guys turn their boats over every couple years. I can only imagine what kind of money this dude has to do the same. Cha Ching..

  4. The last pic shows six definite abrasion rings on the shaft due to rubbing on the fiberglass/gel coat. My guess is you are correct in your assumption regarding upgrading the hull. Definitely contact your dealer immediately and good luck for the future fix.

    https://portland.craigslist.org/clc/bod/d/2016-supreme-s238/6308032326.html This one looks familiar.
  6. Fi23 first impressions

    Having bought a new o6 22V at Stayton I can only tell you buyer beware. If you choose to leave NWBS I personally would buy from AWS. Good luck to you and your wallet on your next purchase.
  7. Fi23 first impressions

    Say it ain't so for the tuck and roll? Tell that DB Joel I said hi.

    No clue who he it just seems like a good deal considering the hours. https://portland.craigslist.org/clc/boa/d/lowered-2015-centurion-enzo/6278007360.html
  9. Brandon, Now that is an offer you should not pass up. Harold knows how to set up his boats and you will burn more fuel on yours to try and dial it in than it would take for you to drive up and let him show you. Central Oregon is a hop, skip, jump to Portland. Totally dig Central Oregon as we have vacation property in Deschutes County.
  10. Big Things Coming?

    Quad axle trailer sounds awesome. Instead of repacking two axles and replacing 4 trailer tires now I get to do 4 axles and 8 tires, sweet.
  11. Wife and I live 2 miles away from ramp and that is where we rode locally for years which is a great place to ride. That stretch by the white house and blue roof with the dock/ shop is protected from the wind but is not too deep. The Columbia can really get knarly in the afternoon and the mouth at Lake River is shallow, particularly at the end of August. Enjoy your new ride.
  12. Supra SG vs. RI 237

    Smooth out Brian-Pat, Mr. Rag has said it plain and simply, the Supra works best for him. There has been no trickery in his comments. Stop worrying about his comments killing your sales, which is why you are reacting this way. Instead work on Fineline selling it for you. BTW, WHO is replying on here? Brian or Pat?
  13. 2017 S238 Prices

  14. Centurion's Line for 2017

    Nice purchase and have seen 5 stars for this one. So the million dollar question is did your insurance for this car go off the charts?


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