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  1. Could save even more time by not bothering. LOL. They're definitely not putting much money into the marketing for the Supreme lineup. This made me bust up bud.
  2. I got two words for that 238 video, Pure Suckage, I can't believe I got stringed in to wait this long for that. I've had some bad Suckage over the years but this one takes the cake Centurion/Natique.
  3. I know you had it for sale a while back but you might hold on a few years to sell because the prices are going to soar with the economy going strong. a 2015 RZ2 this year locally is selling for $91 and change and that is without an AVX like mine. Ours is a 2012 and got it used in Dec of 13 which I paid almost $30,000 less with 32 hours use. Watch out everyone because these boats are already out priced for the blue collar worker and are only getting more obscene price wise.
  4. CREW DEAL: SpeakerSox Extreme Encloser Cover

    Crew Admin, I got mine yesterday and they fit great. Thanks for putting this deal together.
  5. Warranty

    You got me dura. Happy Holidays. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M55m81BWdBc
  6. Warranty

    Dura, What's up with Frank Shirley? You may need to elaborate a bit more for all of us to understand exactly how you feel about him.
  7. Centuron Crew Flag

    I don't know how the canadians feel but that is a desecration of our Old Glory plain and simple.
  8. Name That Wakeology Board and Win it !

    X2 Ticket - 843503
  9. CREW DEAL: Inland Surfer Mucus and Squirt BLOWOUT!

    Doc, Glad to see you have good looking water in Texas. All I have seen down there is the brown stuff. BTW, That is good looking wave even though you could get it bigger in deeper water.
  10. CREW DEAL: Inland Surfer Mucus and Squirt BLOWOUT!

    Dura, Just how many times did you think you could get away with that?
  11. CREW DEAL: Inland Surfer Mucus and Squirt BLOWOUT!

    Dura, I got one word for you, CARMA. Good luck.
  12. CREW DEAL: Inland Surfer Mucus and Squirt BLOWOUT!

    H, I would expect nothing less. Both my wife and I are in limbo as far as the Avy selling. Good if it does and Great if it doesn't. It really is a nice position to be in right now. If it does sell I hope you like Coors Light and I will bring ear plugs for my wife to help tone down your pair of 485's.

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