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  1. Attended the Houston Boat show last week.... did not see any Centurion's there.... I think they are missing out! A lot of boats being sold in this area!
  2. Has anyone every surfed behind a Tige rzx3? I hear the wave is pretty good and as good as the Ri237.
  3. Has anyone every surfed behind a Tige rzx3? I hear the wave is pretty good and as good as the Ri237.
  4. Has anyone every surfed behind a Tige zx3? I hear the wave is pretty good and as good as the Ri237.
  5. Dealer service

    thanks for the input everyone! I will talk to the nautique dealer...
  6. I am thinking about getting a 2019 centurion. How important do you guys think it is to have a local dealer to service your boat and provide warranty work? I live in Houston and the closest dealer is in Austin and then Dallas. Where I surf we have a tige dealership, Mastercraft/Natique , and a Supra dealer all really close by.
  7. Insurance

    thanks.... I have progressive now.
  8. What insurance company has the best rates for boat insurance?
  9. I am pretty sure the spray is coming from the gap between the boat and the A-Plate. I think the wing needs to be bent up a little.
  10. here are pics... any suggestions?
  11. shaka… just sent you some pics via pm. thanks
  12. I will get the pics next time I go out... it may be a couple of weeks. Thanks for your help. Shaka, after reading a few more posts... mine is mounted under the boat where the old (stock) one was. Does it need to be slightly above the bottom of the transom?
  13. Thanks... I just have the a-plate. I decided against getting the fae. Getting really tempted to buy a new boat! Love my wave but pain to switch setup to goofy. Getting a lot of spray from the new a plate.
  14. This has probably already been discussed somewhere on this site but I can’t find it! anyway I finally had an A-Plate manufactured and had it installed on my 2012 sv 244. I can tell a slight difference in my goofy wave but the spray is pretty bad. It is even spraying a little in my regular side. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  15. Hi Nick.. I finally got my a plate installed. I am getting a lot of spray. Did you have this issue? I have seen a little chatter about this on the site but I have not seen a solution. I am going to keep looking. Thxs

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