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  1. So here are a couple photos of my boat. Love it so far. Surf is amazing on both sides. Still trying to dial in wake with wiegth and tabs EDIT: Picture has been removed by the request of Fineline Industries Inc. CrewAdmin
  2. I am out of portland oregon. Family farms in the palouse and has a lakefront cabin on pend orielle. Hayden lake is great. Love that part of the country. I agree about weight and listing. Thinking it might even take more lead than you suggest but want to play with it to make sure.
  3. So far with 4 sesions on new boat quite happy. It does surf better listed but you dont have to list it alot. Just slightly mor weight and adjust tabs. I have ordered some lead and am looking forward to trying it out with that and more people for weight. The sword on back does a good job of lengthining surfable wave. You just have to find the sweet spot for setting as to longer you get it takes away some push. I think more ballast will help this. I really like the new design of the drivers area and the squared off bow vs picklefork. I will be in sandpoint idaho next week and will experiment a ton and let you guys know what works and doesnt.
  4. So I gotta say I am the proud owner of the 238 from nwbs. In respect to them I said I will not post pictures but I will say it is a beast. Has the 500hp engine so there is no lack of power and the surf wave out of the box is amazing Will take some time to get totally dialed as the boat can take alot of weight. Going to spend a week in Idaho next week surfing with it and dialing it in.

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