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  1. 6.0 at elevation?

    Someone might be able to confirm, but I think a new 238 would come with the a different tranny ratio than what i have, which should make the H6 more than adequate. I think mine is 1:1.42 and if memory serves me correct, they may have moved to 1:1.72. You will be fine with the 450/H6. Good luck with the purchase.
  2. 6.0 at elevation?

    My lake is around 6000 ft as well. I don't have experience with the 409, but ive had a supposedly close to equivalent with the old Black Scorpion in a sv240 and we always had power issues. Additionally, my 2015 fs44 has the 450, and it kind of struggles when we have a big crew. I don't have quick surf, but if i did, i don't think the 450 at elevation could push it. I have upgraded my prop as well. I would spend for a bigger motor for sure if it were me...
  3. I can't help on the 238 as i have never been on one but two thoughts. I can't help but think that any deep V hull that has 1100 pounds in the rear locker plus 580 or so under the seats should surf pretty dang well. For sure you will go wireless and be able to come close to landing 360's. I assume the 238 has quickfill plus some type of plug and play that gets close to this. Just another thought, if you are going to spend 80K, you could just get a one year old fs44 or fs33 for right around that price plus have ramfill and plug and play and that for sure surfs unbelievable out of the box. Even a one or two year old sv244 would be under 80K... Like i said, i just can't believe that a 238 doesn't surf comparable to an older sv240 which is what i had for years and all i had was bags in lockers and under seats and it was plenty of wave... Good luck
  4. Centurion's Line for 2017

    I actually like the hammerhead design and functionality, but my biggest complaint is that I take at least one roller into the bow every time out. We are super cautious when we turn etc and it still happens. We never submarined our old avy or SV 240. Part of me thinks that is the biggest reason they redesigned, as it is expensive to roll out a top cap for only 3 seasons... IMHO
  5. IMPORTANT NOTICE: Supporting Your Community

    Hey Admin, still getting an error, see attached. Not sure if i am doing something wrong...
  6. IMPORTANT NOTICE: Supporting Your Community

    Anyone else have issues with the membership saying you already have an invoice in your cart, but said invoice is expired?
  7. Deerwood, for what it is worth, i have noticed that my 2015 fs44 does something similar but it only seems to happen when i turn the boat off at the end of the day and then turn the ignition key off without hitting the ignition button to power off the screens. If i hit the engine off button, then hit the ignition button to power down the computer and then turn the key off, it doesn't seem to happen...
  8. FS33 in 2017?

    Looks like the new 2017 lineup is on the website, only three boats.... RI 237, RI217 and carbon pro.
  9. Can't speak to the PCM motor as i have an 08 with the 6.2 black scorpion in my sv240, but when we have that many people in the boat it takes at least 3 kids and 2 adults in the bow plus my bow sack full to get us on plane. Once we get above about 17 mph people can move back around as the speed can fluctuate freely. I know that the PCM is supposed to be a better motor, but i would imagine some similar issues, we boat in Utah around 5200 feet. My prop is the 1579
  10. I am sure someone else will chime in, but here is what i think i know. Elite V - A v-drive boat that is not a true deep v hull, more of a cross over that can wakeboard, ski and wakesurf. I believe it is 21 feet 96" wide Tornado - basically the same as an elite V, but it is a direct drive boat, so more for slalom. 96" wide Hurrican - Basically the pre-cusor to the avalanache, so 22 feet long v-drive. 100" wide If it were me for surfing, wakeboarding and then sking, i would purchase the Hurricane, Elite V and then the Tornado. I am sure i missed on something
  11. Thanks for the input, i will keep you posted on what i decide. I think i am going to stay with the 13.5 but I am leaning towards trying a five blade.
  12. Had a little accident today at the lake. My wife took the boat out by herself, which she has done before. All was going well until she got an unknown call from the dock... It was the sherrif telling her that a 16 your old girl hit our parked trailer, ripped off the back guide post, lights and damaged the tie down. Then, when she was putting the boat back on the trailer, the corner was bent up and due to the guide missing she didn't relaize she was off center and hit the prop on the trailer, doh! Long story short, i am gonna need a new prop as well as i get the pleasure of haggling with insurance for my trailer. Probably gonna try and get them to replace the prop as well for the causal relationship... I've got a 2008 enzo 240 and i have been running a 1579, i have FAE and while they say FAE doesn't rob power, i have noticed a little bit of a power drop, so my question... Is there something else i could jump up to, can i go with a 14 inch prop instead of the 13.5. Suggestions? I've got my eye on either the 13.5 1619 or i was thinking about the 14" 1617. Thoughts?
  13. 2009 Enzo 230

    It doesn't have perfect pass either. Hossman, where are you located?
  14. SUV towing

    Is anyone towing with a Chevy Tahoe or a Toyota Sequoia? I've got a RAM 3500 that I will use for long distances, but I leave the ENZO 240 at my in-laws house and only need to tow the boat 10 miles on flat ground for normal trips but there would be the occasional trip home up and down a canyon. Anyone have any experience with these two SUV's? Thanks

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