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  1. I have an 06 avy with sideswipe and switchblade that I bought last year. I have already upgraded the ballast with wakemakers tankbusters Enzo kit. Switchblade wasn’t working, so I removed the rams and replaced with stainless turnbuckles. This actually works well, I just have to manually adjust amount of tilt/drag manually when stopped. My issue is with converting to FAE. I saw that they have a kit for sideswipe conversion and a down pipe with a notch for switchblade. I also have been considering an a-plate. Just concerned I am getting too much going on down there. Will there be enough room for the a-plate? Is there a better set up? I know a lot of people do away with the switchblade, but it seems like an easy downforce on the hull that would be silly to lose. I am not looking to spend big bucks for anything like infinity or GSA. I just know the Sideswipe has to go! I got a deal on the boat and trying to keep it a low cost “dip my toe” into surfing. Coming from 10+ years on an I/O. Link to google photos album of the boat and current wave. Please excuse my inept abilities on the board lol. https://photos.app.goo.gl/gNNQKHjx9kyH5yXn8
  2. New to all of this....need help!!!!!

    The one I bought was off eBay. But here is one on Amazon so you can see what you’re looking for. https://a.co/d/16GXaKG
  3. Leftover 07 Enzo Parts

    I am still running with both switchblade and sideswipe. The actuators for SB and solenoids on SS all quit on me. Not a big deal on SS solenoids since surf side exhaust is under water anyway, but I pulled SB actuators and replaced with a turnbuckle, making it manual. Would love to get it working again. I’m in Ohio. I’ve considered removing SB and SS to do FAE as well but can’t bring myself to lose the SB for the wave. Did you do diy or FAE kit?
  4. New to all of this....need help!!!!!

    The sideswipe solenoid is just Corsa captains call solenoid. I don’t intend to do any plumbing. Just doing wake makers tank busters and use factory pump and pipes.
  5. New to all of this....need help!!!!!

    I too am looking to improve my setup on my 06 avy. I currently have the 3 factory hard tanks, sideswipe, and switchblade. Was at the lake this weekend and was getting a pretty decent wave with center and surf side tank full, switchblade 75% and all 5 people on the boat sitting crammed surf side. I think the only change I want to make is upgrade the ballast in the lockers so that I can still ask friends to sit surf side, but not have to be a seat nazi. Plus the added benefit of stowage when not filled. Wake Makers suggest the 750 bag, but I know many people put in the 1140 even though they wont fill completely, they get more than the 750. The two packages are the same price, so why not do the 1140? On another note my sideswipe solenoid is not working on the starboard side, even after replacing it (and the wire harness relay). But when i was surfing this weekend, the waterline was over the exhaust port on the surf side making it come out oppo anyway. Is this even worth investigating?

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