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  1. We placed our deposit for ours in mid October. Our spray date is in February. Heard about this price increase and called our dealer and asked about it. He said yes, there would be a price increase, but they are honoring our deal at the negotiated price when we placed the deposit. Our dealer said they would eat the difference to keep our business. NWBS are stand up people. They are also completely sold out of all their supremes and cutting deals with new owners free storage etc to house boats in the show room.
  2. Axis A22 or ATX 22 Type-S?

    I was able to water test a 2022 T220 and the 2022 a22. Those boats with surf gates eaaaaat fuel.. Their T220 with the new hull does surf well, but the boat feels cheap. It's deffinately not a Supreme s22. That boat is why I threw them my wallet and ordered one.

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