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  1. Thank you DrNate! I'm in Tulsa, Oklahoma and we don't have a Centurion dealer in the area. 1: any year models to focus on for reliability 2: any engine to avoid that isn't powerful enough? 3: will a SV240 require PnP Bags also? thanks!
  2. I'm in the "same boat" as OP. Few questions that relate: 1. Is a SV240 the same as a SV244? https://www.onlyinboards.com/2013-Centurion-Enzo-SV-244-for-sale-Mesa-Arizona-85591.aspx 2. My experience has been in my in laws 2013 Malibu MXZ ballasted full, wedge dropped, and surfgate. Great wave for us but too much money for me at $75 to 85k used. Can the Enzo produce a wave for 6'2" 245lb rider without a suckgate? 3. We plan on 55% surf (50% of family is goofy), 30% wakeboard and 15% of time my wife will slalom for a few passes. Can the attitude plate be lowered to flatten the wake to be respectable? We are used to 9 years with a 21' Sea Ray deckboat wave which isn't small by any means. Thanks!!

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