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  1. I’ll get a tube of the 4200 then. Thanks for the advice. Any tips on removing the windshield? Are there other screws from the frame directly into the top cap? Or are there just the through bolts I can see?
  2. Here is pic of water sitting on top of the Roswell amp
  3. This shows water sitting on top of amp!! The photo isn’t allowed bc I guess I’ve uploaded too much on this posting. Maybe it will upload tomorrow.
  4. First pic has red arrow pointing to bolt w fender washer. The black box is some sort of fuel vent box from fuel tank. This second pic shows water on speaker wire harness
  5. I have a 2015 FS44. I had the boat out on the driveway in a light mist/rain for the day while I was reworking some wiring with the stereo. While under the port dash later in the day I noticed water slowly dripping from two of the bolts w big fender washers that I think are holding down the windshield base. Water had dropped onto a wiring harness and then on top of one of the Roswell amps and finally behind the power blocks and onto the battery charger. So, I know I’m not usually on the water in the rain, but if the boat is in the rain sometime or even washing it I don’t want to damage any stereo equipment. Has anyone else had this problem. I figure best move is to release windshield frame and then put some 3M 5200 around the bolt hole and tighten things back up. Anyone have any tips? ill try to post my video of the leak.
  6. Thank you DrNate! I'm in Tulsa, Oklahoma and we don't have a Centurion dealer in the area. 1: any year models to focus on for reliability 2: any engine to avoid that isn't powerful enough? 3: will a SV240 require PnP Bags also? thanks!
  7. I'm in the "same boat" as OP. Few questions that relate: 1. Is a SV240 the same as a SV244? https://www.onlyinboards.com/2013-Centurion-Enzo-SV-244-for-sale-Mesa-Arizona-85591.aspx 2. My experience has been in my in laws 2013 Malibu MXZ ballasted full, wedge dropped, and surfgate. Great wave for us but too much money for me at $75 to 85k used. Can the Enzo produce a wave for 6'2" 245lb rider without a suckgate? 3. We plan on 55% surf (50% of family is goofy), 30% wakeboard and 15% of time my wife will slalom for a few passes. Can the attitude plate be lowered to flatten the wake to be respectable? We are used to 9 years with a 21' Sea Ray deckboat wave which isn't small by any means. Thanks!!

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