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  1. Canyon Lake, TX

    You shouldn't judge Texas by one nasty looking river in the middle of nowhere. No ugly water or alligators here:
  2. There are many threads about the Drainmaster to Valterra switch, but I think this is the best one. Has pictures and even video: http://www.centurioncrew.com/index.php?/forums/topic/10021-help-quick-fill-gate-failure/&
  3. If I knew you lived so close to Drainmasters place I would give you $100 to go over there and kick Doug in the shin. I have spent many hours on the phone with this guy over 6 years talking about failing Drainmaster valves, the reasons for it, and sending him the failed ones so that he can troubleshoot. When you're on a first name basis with the man in charge of a company for a very small but critical component of your boat that's never a good thing!
  4. I believe this is it. It's titled "winterization" but it pretty much covers everything
  5. Canyon Lake, TX

    You won't be disappointed, the pics you get with the water color are worth the trip. It literally looks like the Caribbean. Here's a pic of last year. Also, it shouldn't be more than about 5 hours for ya
  6. I hate to say it, but there is your issue. I went through like 5 Drainmasters before I bit the bullet and switched to Velterras. It's not hard to do and I haven't had a single issue yet! Best mod I ever did
  7. Canyon Lake, TX

    We were up there this time last year. It's a beautiful lake, nice greenish-blue water. I hear it's a little low at the moment so be careful! I know there's a couple members here up that way as well
  8. Man, it's just a guess but I think it was around 2 or 300 dollars. He said that he happened to have an entire front piece with all of the stuff already on it from another trailer that was trashed from the back. So he just replaced the whole front piece which was probably a lot easier (but more expensive if you had to buy it obviously). The piece already had the brake cable on it
  9. That's a very nice and detailed write-up! I did the exact same thing and it was right when my trailer was due for inspection. Had a local trailer place do it for me. Lesson learned
  10. I've never seen this but I'll bump your thread. Obvious question is have you inspected the valves? Are they opening and closing?
  11. Kids wake surf boards

    I like the Scamp as well but I like the Inland Surfer Ooze the best. The reason? You can put 3 fins on it and it is super stable. My kids both learned on one
  12. If you got 5-6 years out of your batteries, consider yourself lucky and buy 2 new ones. I can almost guarantee that is your issue!
  13. 2016 SV244 pricing

    Well obviously you'd never pay MSRP. Where are you located?
  14. My screen always acts funny when my batteries are low/going dead. I would remove both batteries and have them tested. Also, do you remember what your volts were reading while underway?
  15. Hey, he went halves with his brother

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