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  1. I would think you could find an SV230 under $50K in that neck of the woods but it might be like a 2008 or so. I know Cali boats are WAY expensive. You might be able to buy one in another location and have it shipped for cheaper. The internet is your friend. Search onlyinboards and boattrader.com. Another search tool is SearchTempest.com, which searches Craigslists all over the country. And if it were me and you could swing it, I would buy an SV240 even. I highly doubt there will be any FS boats in your price range but doesn't hurt to look. Hope that helps
  2. Sorry, I wasn't quite understanding. Pics help! Yes, use that center tow hook, that what it was intended for
  3. Ahh, didn't know they were trying to get into boat repairs. They definitely got the right man for the job then
  4. Those transom eyelets are pretty stout, could use something like this: https://www.amazon.com/AIRHEAD-Watersports-Self-Centering-Tow-Harness/dp/B07CMFPW42 I wouldn't be pulling tubers with it or anything but for Surfing it should be just fine
  5. Platform starts are stupid and a good way to get hurt and jack up your surfboard and swim platform in the process. Just use the ski pylon, you'll be fine. Don't really need a tower on these boats (for surfing) except for your bimini to rest on. I've just never seen one without it, just looks like an alien to me. https://youtu.be/5Nxo0IabvnU
  6. New board

    I bought my son a Phase 5 race the year before last and progressed immediately, landing airs and 3's like it was cool. Very nice boards and I'd love to have one for myself. I've been eyeing the Ahi for awhile, I think it could be good for me, just haven't pulled the trigger yet.
  7. Typhoon vs Enzo 240

    I know that the Enzo wake is a little picky for wakeboarding but the Surf wave is so good that it would be a no brainer for me
  8. New RI257 owner

    That is a fantastic wave review. And I'm with you, the main thing I care about is the wave. Everything else is secondary. Have you ever ridden behind a 240 or 244 Enzo wave? Would be curious as to your thoughts on wave comparison on that one.
  9. New RI257 owner

    That's a beautiful boat. When you get it set up, I would be curious as to your thoughts on the surf wave and how it compares to the G25. And how was the surf wave on the G25 compared to the M235?
  10. Fi21 vs Fi23

    I, too, am lucky to have a friend just like this. And we de-stress together
  11. Canyon Lake, TX

    Well that's a bummer. If you guys ever plan to go we'd love to meet you there. I'd bet Rhunt would be up for a trip as well. We all have family close by to stay with
  12. Canyon Lake, TX

    Have fun and send some pics!
  13. 2015 Sv240

    Well first of all I assume you are talking about the surf wave? This hull will throw a mean surf wave on both sides assuming you have an A-plate, which if I remember correctly the 2015's do. For the Port side (regular) wave you'll want about 2500 pounds total and NO BOW WEIGHT. So however you need to do it to get there. You can maybe fill your Starboard Ram about half but leave the Starboard PNP empty. You want all the Port side full as much as possible. Try wake plate at 50% and play around with speed from 10.7-11.0. Everything opposite from above for Starboard or Goofy wave. Should be better than the Maliboo, not worse
  14. Can't help with the codes but the oil should be 15W-40. And it wouldn't throw a code like that for low oil, so the dealer might be your best option

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