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  1. Time Left: 4 days and 14 hours

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    500 hours. Has all of the goodies.


  2. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Looking to sell my 4'9" Walker Prjoject Signature board. PM me for more info. $400 or best offer! The Walker has a ding repair on the bottom center and has been a bit yellowed by the Sun but rides like it did when it was new. I paid $1000 for this board when it was new. Only reason I am selling is that I no longer ride it. This board is good for any size rider up to about 230 pounds depending on wave size. It's a pretty advanced board but not super slippery for beginners either.


  3. The Outlaw! Love that thing. Any idea on pricing or is that still in the works?
  4. How have I not ridden this board? What is the name of the white and red Walker board that I love so much? Is it anything similar to this one?
  5. Just to be clear: Is this for purchases only on the Inland Surfer website?
  6. Well, I almost feel embarrassed to even post this video, but it's all I got. The moral of this story is that you can bring your GoPro but it doesn't do any good unless someone actually operates it. There's even an app to do this but apparently people from Georgia cannot be bothered to use it. JKJK. If we had been running video the whole time, we would have hours. As it turns out, we only got minutes, haha. I titled the video "CCM 2016" but it might well have been titled "Nick and Nathan", LOL Dan did not make the video nor did Scott (you know who you are) The good news is that: 1. It is short, and 2. It was a quick edit and it was so lame that I didn't even add music, and 3. it is more video that I had last time I went to Crew Meet because my GoPro ended up at the bottom of the river So with all of those caveats, enjoy! (and don't shoot the messenger)
  7. I'm sore all over. Much video to sort through, give me a couple days and I'll get it up. I will say this. You will never meet a better group of people than you do going to one of these events. I have yet to meet a single person that I did not thoroughly enjoy hanging out with. Everyone is so generous with gas money, extremely appreciative of everything, and even willing to do boat repairs (thanks Dan!). (They were minor things, but still, took some time and effort). It was a great weekend as usual, the rain did not hamper us one bit! Thanks again to Ken and Andrea for putting it on. I will cherish my CentruionCrew cup forever!
  8. I'm gonna win 50% of the raffles as usual. Will post pics of my new WetSounds, CenturionCrew cups, and all. Stay tuned!
  9. I am super stoked about the insulated cups, those are awesome! And here's hoping the weather holds out. I'm pretty sure all of the rain will have moved on by then. We got a ton yesterday and today
  10. Yeah, I had trouble finding a co-pilot. That just means more swag for me though No worries, I'll be bringing the GoPro
  11. Okay, it's official. I just booked. I'll be bring the Enzo and will be needing a driver See you guys Friday evening
  12. Wow, you absolutely got it right RaceCity. That 2016 238 is a beautiful boat!
  13. Three strikes and you're out: 1. Picklefork 2. Half a windshield 3. Tower too far back Why doesn't anyone ask people on this forum what they think before shipping product to the masses? Just doesn't make sense. I know that we don't ALWAYS agree on everything, but in my 8+ years on this forum, we usually come to decent consensus about what is great and what is absolutely horrible. Who do they think buys these boats?!?!? WE DO! Or at least we DID
  14. The only thing is costs you is getting there, your place to stay (room or tent, etc.), and boat gas money!