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  1. If it's a 2014 I'm pretty sure you have the Vaults
  2. What year? Look at your trailer wheels and if the bearings say "vault" on them then they are maintenance free. If not, then pop off the bearing cover with a flathead screw driver to expose a zerk fitting. Fill with marine grade grease
  3. I apologize, I should have been more specific. For surfing, Enzo sacs are the way to go. We don't wakeboard so I cannot speak to that. I just always assume everyone surfs and nothing else
  4. Yep, Enzo sacs are the way to go then. That's exactly what they were made for. It won't fill completely on the Starboard side but it will fill the compartment completely.
  5. What year is your 240? If 2011 or newer then you will have to do separate bags due to the bulkhead they started adding in 2011 to add the Quick Fill tanks. In this case the 1100's fit perfectly in the rear lockers. 680's for the Mids. If you have 2010 or older then Enzo sacs fit perfectly. Either way definitely ditch the sprinkler valves, they are horrible. Best to run a two-way ballast puppy to each bag.
  6. I grew up Ocean Surfing too but always transported boards upside down due to the wax thing but always nose first. To each his own
  7. I'm thinking in 08 you still had the Merc
  8. Stabil in fuel?

    I thought this was true as well. It does seem odd, however, that some of the higher end PCM engines state in the manual that 92 octane is required. I was curious to know if anyone knew why exactly
  9. Stabil in fuel?

    I have used the Blue Sta-Bil in my boat on every fill up since it was new because I do not have ethanol free gas where I live. Ethanol attracts water and for a marine environment, that's just bad news. If I had access to ethanol free fuel like you do I would only use it at end of season for storage. By the way, I've never had a fuel issue either and I'm at 700 hours
  10. Already spending his money That boat makes Lake Travis look Good!
  11. Old interior needs replaced

    That looks amazing! I'm gonna have to do mine here pretty soon
  12. I can 100% assure you that the DEX-COOL is supposed to be 50/50 mixed with distilled water
  13. Mine was replaced under warranty with some begging but only the seats . And I had to pay for labor to have them replaced.
  14. That is awesome!

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