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  1. I'm not sure why the argument is being made whining about MSRP. Cars are the same way. Heck, there are a ton of products that are that way. Nobody pays the sticker price (or shouldn't). And it's been that way as long as I can remember
  2. Choices!?!?

    Both boats are solid, just depends on if you want to do the upgrades yourself or buy a boat that is ready to Surf with full stereo, etc. The SV hulls can be a little picky on Wakeboard weight but for the money their Surf waves are unparalleled. This hull is tried and true and handles chop very well for an older boat
  3. Wow, that thing is gonna rattle the whole lake!
  4. What amp? That thing is gonna be obnoxious
  5. I have a Centurion license plate frame that I have had on my truck for many years. I did notice that there are none availbable on the Centurion boats website, which is where I purchased it. Maybe they will bring them back one day? Make me an offer
  6. 1. Not necessarily, just realize that if it's a 2011 or newer you will want to swap the Quick Fill valves out. (it's not hard or too expensive) 2. 230's with a 343 is okay but not sure I'd want a 240 without the 409 3. Almost any boat with require PnP bags, so, yes, the 240 is no exception
  7. 1. The 240 and 244 are the exact same boat except on the 244 the windshield has been moved forward 18" so that the cabin area is larger and the bow area is smaller 2. In short, yes. Wave is tried and true for many years 3. Yes, you can slalom behind it, I have done. Only suggestion here is if you're going to be surfing goofy make sure you get an asymmetrical wake plate. These can be had for cheap if it doesn't already come with one
  8. September 2018 Ride Pics

    Just wondering why you put this in the "Watersports and Related Gear" section?
  9. September 2018 Ride Pics

    Look like a great time, glad you enjoyed it
  10. 4X4 is one of those things that when you need it, you need it. Some boat ramps can get pretty slick from algae
  11. I do my impeller every other year, and yeah, it's hard to get to. The easiest way I have found to drain the oil is with an oil extractor through the dipstick. Works really well actually and is much faster than draining out the bottom using the hose
  12. Wow, I can't believe Fineline gave you a new boat Sasquatch! That's amazing to me. Hard to complain when that is the case after the fact. I'm just glad that Fineline made it right for you. Seems like having a good dealer close by on these new boats is really key
  13. Dealer service

    This is a great discussion, I wish I was handy enough to do all of my own work. And, yes, I'm in on the dealership. Might take 5 of us
  14. Dealer service

    I agree, that is 100 percent ridiculous! Just start your own dealership Doc!
  15. Dealer service

    It's funny that everyone says talk to the Nautique dealer. The closest dealer to me is a Nautique dealer and last year when I talked to the service department he acted like my Enzo was an alien and he didn't want to touch it. I'm like, look man, it's WAY out of warranty. And it's the same PCM engine as you work on in your Nautiques every day. Then when I took it up there (2 hour drive) he said it would sit there for a month before he even looked at it. I wasn't having that and found an alternate means. Just my experience. If I were you I would just buy a Nautique. Blasphemous I know!
  16. I would think you could find an SV230 under $50K in that neck of the woods but it might be like a 2008 or so. I know Cali boats are WAY expensive. You might be able to buy one in another location and have it shipped for cheaper. The internet is your friend. Search onlyinboards and boattrader.com. Another search tool is SearchTempest.com, which searches Craigslists all over the country. And if it were me and you could swing it, I would buy an SV240 even. I highly doubt there will be any FS boats in your price range but doesn't hurt to look. Hope that helps
  17. Sorry, I wasn't quite understanding. Pics help! Yes, use that center tow hook, that what it was intended for
  18. Ahh, didn't know they were trying to get into boat repairs. They definitely got the right man for the job then
  19. Those transom eyelets are pretty stout, could use something like this: https://www.amazon.com/AIRHEAD-Watersports-Self-Centering-Tow-Harness/dp/B07CMFPW42 I wouldn't be pulling tubers with it or anything but for Surfing it should be just fine
  20. Platform starts are stupid and a good way to get hurt and jack up your surfboard and swim platform in the process. Just use the ski pylon, you'll be fine. Don't really need a tower on these boats (for surfing) except for your bimini to rest on. I've just never seen one without it, just looks like an alien to me. https://youtu.be/5Nxo0IabvnU
  21. New board

    I bought my son a Phase 5 race the year before last and progressed immediately, landing airs and 3's like it was cool. Very nice boards and I'd love to have one for myself. I've been eyeing the Ahi for awhile, I think it could be good for me, just haven't pulled the trigger yet.
  22. Typhoon vs Enzo 240

    I know that the Enzo wake is a little picky for wakeboarding but the Surf wave is so good that it would be a no brainer for me
  23. New RI257 owner

    That is a fantastic wave review. And I'm with you, the main thing I care about is the wave. Everything else is secondary. Have you ever ridden behind a 240 or 244 Enzo wave? Would be curious as to your thoughts on wave comparison on that one.

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