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  1. So I have been battling with a check engine alarm ghost (I’ve heard of some others that could never get theirs solved) but in other news I took it out to lake test after I did a tune up, so far it has new plugs, cap, rotor, sensor for the rotors or ign sensor inside the cap, new map sensor and 3 new O2 sensors. It ran fine for about 25 30 min then began idle rough and wouldn’t hold a constant high rpm either, it sounded almost like it was missing. Spark adv on my scanner said 4.5 to 5 deg, and was showing some miss fire bumpers on cylinders. I added good premium fuel and check the fuel filter which is new and it has a new fuel regulator....vacuum line from regulator looked good also. It’s only throwing 1 code, which is Cam position sensor fault, I replaced it, same code almost immediately, tried another new one with shims, no dice.... any body experience this before ? Sounds like timing which I know the cam sensor and ign talk...but I am not able to figure this puppy out. Any help would be appreciated before I go to the shop !Thanks! Travis HPM you may be seeing me reeeealy soon ha ha 7073543601 text if need be
  2. http://www.centurioncrew.com/index.php?/forums/topic/660-my-94-falcon-v/
  3. Hey bro!! That’s my boat! If you can’t tell by my avatar/profile pic Hit me up if you want to know anything about it, I did the tower, fae, seats, steering wheel, pulled the decals etc..and put a new ignition and distributor in her. Super stoked to see it has been babied like I had her, very happy to see! I have a matching big brother 5 boats later ha ha, even named it #2 after her.
  4. Another "suckgate" story

    I know it’s an old thread, but any one have any luck with a shaper? My boat came with a mission delta and was curious if anyone had tried maybe some more bow weight? I have the hard tanks which I am going to leave in and 1100s on top but guessing they prolly only get 800ish?? Also plan on adding about 150in each rear corner and 150 in the bow center
  5. Looking for replacement canvas only and a boot, any leads for a reasonable company? Sorry no pics having issues with my attachment quota, it's a 2012 v226 with the cast tower. Also it has the tower lowering t handle shafts with a notch/pin on it, haven't been able to find those o line either. Tower looks like this one https://www.onlyinboards.com/2013-V226-for-sale-Santa-Rosa-California-88137.aspx

  7. Asymmetrical plate anyone?

    What are you trying to show in the pic?
  8. Asymmetrical plate anyone?

    It also depends on boats hulls, weighting, etc. I know that many boats don't like a wing at all, just a standard tab for wash (mb). I didn't want to risk testing a double wing, as my goofy (I'm right hand rot) is already perfect ha ha
  9. Asymmetrical plate anyone?

    Prop rotation will naturally make the wake clean to whichever direction it rotates, so having a wing on the offside will clean the opposite side wave, I would imagine a wing on the "good side" or ration side would only make the good wave worse with these setups, my mb liked just a regular wake plate, it was clean on both sides.
  10. Asymmetrical plate anyone?

    I had that exact kit on my mb 23ft b52.
  11. Asymmetrical plate anyone?

    THERE IS NO HYDRAULICS WITH LENCOS. Lencos are electric worm gear actuators. All you need is a 101 actuator, mounts, adhesive, 20' of wire and a switch. Google is a hell of a drug, there are hundreds of Lenco installs on the internet
  12. Asymmetrical plate anyone?

    My Fixed was also mounted underneath originally, I filled the holes with 4200 and mounted on the transom. I didn't want any "stowed lift" while the tab was set all the way up, so I opted for transom mount.
  13. Asymmetrical plate anyone?

    Well, sadly I don't have an answer, I installed it later in the season, and between drought and my busiest fire season to date here in cali, it is untested. We went out and didn't get to surf the last trip out. I will update asap!! I do know my goofy wave is amazing ruth the right hand drive right now
  14. Asymmetrical plate anyone?

    My boat is right hand drive so my wing goes to the right, I belive he sold nick the one in the photo above and made mine right handed.

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