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  1. It's been a bit since I've been on here but thanks for the great InfinityWave review! Yes we can make an Aplate or a double wing plate that will fit that setup. Probably wouldn't even have to send it in.
  2. Gel Coat Mismatch?

    Matching gel coat color exactly is a rare thing. I'm curious how off it is.
  3. Replacement Towers

    The Roswell Aviator Pro is the best aftermarket tower right now. Pricey but I think worth it.
  4. All of our Malibu customers have been happy. They are on VLX, VTX, LSV, and I believe the MXZ as well.
  5. If any of you want these for your SV boat I'm starting a new manufacturing run today. Contact me if you're interested: shakarocks@hotmail.com
  6. Great hack fort he switch which helps keep the boat stock. I put mine on the armrest by the throttle. I could weight evenly in my SV230 for most riders. However, my favorite was to have slightly less weight on the non-surf side. I could still do transfers that way although the wave wasn't as optimal on the side with less weight.
  7. If you do the stereo options you get a Roswell 12" sub. If all you get are in-boats there is no sub. If you put a sub in you will have to have a hole cut for it. Sometimes they glass in a sealed enclosure to the back of the kick panel and sometimes they do not. There's no way to ensure that they do. I just got the in-boat speakers and mine has the glassed in sub enclosure. I still have to cut the kick panel hole for the sub.
  8. It's great that you are happy with your tabs. I worked hard on the design with a lot of prototypes.
  9. Replacement Towers

    You could always get the Roswell Aviator Pro or just regular Aviator. I think they are the coolest aftermarket options. https://www.roswellmarine.com/product/aviator-pro-wake-tower/
  10. I forgot, I did the baffles in my Sideswipe and it made a significant difference.
  11. I think switching transmission to fix a goofy wave (or vice versa) is a waste of money. If you're a lister an A-plate will fix the problem. Yes Infinity Wave will fab up an A-plate or a double wing plate. We have yet to put them on our website because it's really a custom job and we don't a lot of them. If you want one please feel free to contact me.
  12. Nope. Our prototype boat was my SV230. The fit will be the same. We didn't get much video of our final tab as it was finalized and tested later in the season. I'm going to ask a guy tonight who took a lot of pics on my boat if he shot any. If you really need a video reference just look for video of an SV244 with Quick Surf. Our tabs are similar to the current offerings other than the fins which is actually an improvement.
  13. News on this coming guys. Finalized the design which incorporates some of the latest touches. A-plates and double-wing stinger plates as well.
  14. Fi 25 on the way

    To Admin's credit I just got an invoice for the site which I promptly paid. This site has been a great resource. I'd like to see both the Facebook area and this area get a lot of traffic.
  15. Fi 25 on the way

    interestingly I've tried to re-up several times and it will not let me. Messages to admin do not get a reply. I can't post pics either but not for a lack of trying.

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