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  1. Agreed with above. Get your prop fixed.
  2. It's a wind dam used to block the wind when cruising.
  3. Typhoon vs Enzo 240

    It cost me about $120 to have a plate made. There are instructions on this site.
  4. Typhoon vs Enzo 240

    Don't add a Lenco tab. Get an . Asymmetrical wakeplate fabricated. It will help your goofy side. Use a Lenco actuator. If you want a surf system I can help with that.
  5. Typhoon vs Enzo 240

    Does the Typhoon have the walkthrough? If so I wouldn't. My friend with the SV240 trailers with the Switchblade. You can insert silencers in the pipes to lessen the noise of the Sideswipe. Works great. The Skylon towers crack and break. Unless you know a good welder who can re-enforce it it will continue to do so. The tower on the Enzo is much better.
  6. Cracked Evolution Tower

    My favorite aftermarket is the Roswell Aerial. To me it looks the most like something that would be on a Centurion. It's also used by Moomba.
  7. My platform sags a bit on one side. The part of the bracket that attaches to the transom is slightly bent. It's tough to see unless you remove it from the boat.
  8. The A plate made my goofy better than my regular. The regular is still great but the goofy got that much better.
  9. Nope. For whatever reason this site will no longer let me do it. I suppose I'm not paid up but when I try to pay it will not accept it. I've PM'd the admins a couple of times with no response. All I did was cut the Trex a little longer than the top of the bracket where it mounts to the platform. I then place the Trex on top of the bracket and then put the platform on the Trex. Make sure to pre-drill the Trex and get one inch longer mounting screws.
  10. I raised my platform up an inch using Trex decking material and longer screws.
  11. Mine is mounted under as well. That naturally will cause a bit of turbulence but there are things you can do. My first problem is that my wing wasn't bent up enough. I had it bent so the angle was a little more than the bottom of the boat. The other was I had to move the mounting bracket back so that I could get more up angle. Initially the up angle of my plate was barely above flat. Once I got more up angle the spray went away. Last year I used a suck gate and weighting more evenly made things even better. this year I designed a surf system and that's working out well too.
  12. I have the Rigid Dually's facing forward. They also make a flood for backwards lights. One cool feature is you can snap on different color lenses.
  13. Need to see pics of your A plate. Mine sprayed pretty good until I figured out that I didn't have enough up angle. Once I fixed that everything was good.
  14. Fuel consumption Fi 21/23

    I've been developing a tab based surf system similar to what's now on Centurion and Supreme. One of our first prototypes went on a Malibu VTX. Using the Tabs instead of the surf gates lowered the RPM's by about 1000. The wave was excellent with a lot of push. Tabs are far more efficient than gates and give you a bit more wake shaping ability.

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