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  1. I use this followed by Finesse It II and then regular wax. https://www.3m.com/3M/en_US/company-us/all-3m-products/~/3M-Marine-Rubbing-Compound/?N=5002385+8709375+8710663+8710721+3293083915&rt=rud
  2. I would definitely change out the impeller on a newly purchased boat.
  3. I would get a line where the sun would fade what wasn't covered by the cover. I used rubbing compound and a buffer to get it out. I believe I had the best results with 3m products.
  4. Don't apologize it's just a personal opinion. I also don't think Enzo sacs are an advantage for surfing. I get almost as much weight between my two bags per side. I think the flexibility of two bags per side is also applicable to surfing.
  5. I do not change out my impeller every year on my SV230. In fact I change every three and every time I change the old impeller looks like it could go another three. I do carry a spare on board just in case.
  6. I do not necessarily agree with this. I've found I prefer having two sacks per side because it allows me more control for wakeboarders and I don't have a ton of water sloshing all the way to the back if I only want partial weight.
  7. 2008 SV240 Swim Platform

    Post pics of the brackets. With that said you probably can't get the brackets. Your best bet is to get a really good TIG welder to reinforce them. I did that and mine are rock solid.
  8. Removing Side Swipe

    Yessir. Not particularly warm but we are wakesurfing anyway.
  9. Removing Side Swipe

    Any spray issues?
  10. Removing Side Swipe

    Have you got install pics?
  11. Good advice above. Start with the safety kill switch. Then move to the circuit breakers. Some boats have one others have two. This red button is typically at the front of the engine.
  12. I went with the LL Pipeline's this year. Super excited to mount those suckers. Have to get my new surf system mounted first so I know where to put them.

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