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  1. Shaka, Do you still have the Infinity 6100 Speakers?


  2. So is this a good big guy board? What's the weight limit?
  3. I have zero problem with this. If these help produce an awesome wave then damn the aesthetics. You're not going to see them on the water anyway. Also these would be about the easiest thing to replicate ever for the DIY crowd. They already make a joystick that can control twin trib tab setups. A good metal fabricator could make these for a couple hundred bucks.
  4. I think the speaker whining is interesting. Centurion is trying something new and frankly I think the downfiring thing may prove to be pretty cool. I think people should actually listen to them before complaining too much.
  5. Uhhh, count me as hoping we get another IS crew deal. I have the Mucus but a Squirt would be great in my quiver. I'm also lusting after a Blue Lake.
  6. I'm in for one.