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  1. Was going to but dual battery switch in 03 elite v start battery under rear left seat. want to move all under observer seat what size cables do I need to run ?
  2. Ok gang was running boat at lake same issue pressure from 33 to 0 on main gas tank and a 5 gal tank Thought antisiphon valve.repalced low pressure fuel pump right side by impeller and boat running back to Normal 38 to 40 @ full throttle just hope high pressure dosent go now as didn't do both
  3. My elite v has plate in floor to get at it but they don't make it easy
  4. And now seems to run on fake a lake no pressure but no load also WTF ?
  5. Well finally got presure gauge 38 to 40 at idle same at 10mph then at full great for 300 400 yards then10psi misses at backfires. Hooked boat to external tank and the same ,was worried antisiphon valve is bad.after that no pressure at all can here lift pump running Any ideas just didn't want to through parts at it can u check fuel and lift pumps some way ? Thanks
  6. Well it idles good and goes about 5 to 10 good but when u go to plane out goes maybe 100yards and starts missing and knocking Pull out of throttle and smell fuel sputtering then idle comes back to normal and repeat same thing happens. But we drove around Lake at 5 and runs great so cleaning IAC won't help ?
  7. It had new IAC last year and guess they forgot screen still think that may be it ?
  8. Well at lake yesterday new plugs cleaned arrester screen seems no IAC screen in intake ? Boat was idleing high Reset IAC and back to norm. Boat still loades up after about 300 yards oh and new gas is in tank.any other ideas gang
  9. Well was at lake today new cap and rotor boat idles great runs perfect for 3 to 4 min then misses and loades up soon as idle comes back to 1100 runs the Same over any ideas anybody Thx uall
  10. Boat seems to idle good run for bit then loades up then same again cap and rotor had some Crystals cleaned up but seems to be same do I need whole new cap ? Any ideas
  11. I have 2003 elite v and my tower has hurricane sticker on it.It also breaks backwards Hope it helps
  12. Thanks Stretch and Audionly101 for advise let u know how it goes. Didn't think it was going to take all that weight Thans again
  13. 1100 locker sac 350 tube for under floor and the the 800 we already have ya !!! Thanks crew admin for crew deals! Anybody with ideas please don't hesitate to voice them on to set boat up to surf thank you.
  14. Thanks Dark I had never herd of them let alone making going bad and sucking air

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