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  1. Fly by wire

    It does for me, but when others are towing me they cant idk why. Might just get perfect pass , it's just I am going to get a different boat after this summer and wasn't trying to throw more into this one.
  2. Fly by wire

    Thank you, sounds like a no then.. I just thought it would be easier to hold a speed for other drivers...
  3. Is it possible to convert my 1999 mpi mercruiser 5.7 to fly by wire?
  4. 1999 elite models?

    That's pretty neat. Okay, thanks. My last centurion was a dd bowrider with no frills at all, and this one now is very nice (considering its age). It really does appear to be wider, I'm most certain, I'll have to compare next time I see the old one at the lake.
  5. Mines a direct drive. Its wider than the last 1999 elite direct drive I had. The front walkthrough window is at least 4 inches wider, and the rear seat is wider and taller off the floor with part of an ell shaped gas tank under it. The front bow seats are similar, but the very front middle doesn't have storage . And it seems theres no ski locker on the floor up front either, unless the replaced flooring wasn't cut out? Wierd. How many different models are there? Seems longer too, and the rear trunk is way bigger.
  6. Okay. Wonder if 1 800 or hopefully 1000 plus lb bag would work? I know the more the better...just having a hard time finding one 72 inches long... Actually I kinds re measured and I could fit something 78 long and 20 round....
  7. Just ordered the suck gate, and the back seat has part of the ell shaped fuel tank under it, As far as the front theres no locker or it looks as though when the previous owner redid flooring it was covered..but those lockers aren't that big anyway, so I guess I'll have to find a bag that just hangs out on the floor right there. How much weight in front?
  8. Okay, thanks. But as it's a direct drive theres only 1 rear "trunk" that's 72 l, 12 h, 16 w. Would be nice to use that space and no external bags on seats floor and get that kinda weight .
  9. I guess I just want to here that it will happen... On my own thread. 99 elite dd, Like wakeboarding but it's nice to just rest on a surfboard. Boats stock. I'm looking for options to get a wave that's "good enough" and not 3 inches from teak. And don't want to sink it to the rub rails. Thanks.

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