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  1. Gosh I wish I could find this swim deck for my enzo. Dont care for my teak one plus previous owner banged it up a bit
  2. Looking for stuff for my 05 enzo sv230.. anyone have a used cover? Teak swim deck, fiberglass swim deck? Enzo fat sac? Wakeboards or surfboards. Just anything left from when they used to own a sv230 or one they are parting way with. Let me know please
  3. 2006 swin platform

    Yeah. I am going to redo finish it to get by but one of the slats is broken on one end. For now I will sand it down for sharp edges and just deal with the little gap for now. Unless anyone has a referral where to get teak wood and I can replace the whole slat. I will make don for now but any info on a new one or new fiberglass for the future would be great.
  4. Hey guys just picked up an 06 enzo sv230. The teak wood platform has seen better days. Was wondering. Where you can order a replacement or even a fiberglass replacement. Please attach the link if possible TIA!

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