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  1. Yesterday was my second day to have my 2017 S238 out on the water trying to dial in the surf wave (without much luck) and while I was behind the boat I noticed water coming out of the overflow port whenever we hit and decent sized wave as well as sitting still sometimes. After opening both lockers and noticing the bags were obviously not at 100%, I checked the ballast screen and the screen still read that the bags were 100% full. Is this a normal thing? I had to continue to press the fill button on both bags since after it read 100% full the pumps shut off after a few seconds. I would imagine that the overflow port would have some sort of valve that would only open when the pressure from the pumps forced it open until the pumps automatically shut off, but maybe that wishfull thinking.
  2. I recently bought a 2017 S238 with the bimini arm bracket kit. The tube framing that forms the U section for the front of the bimini top has a slight bend on either side right past where the horizontal stabilizer bar pops in. This bends makes the front of the bimini top hang down far enough that people have to duck under it when moving to the bow of the boat and it makes it difficult to stand while driving. Also, when folding the top back towards it basically looks like the tower has a spoiler rather than the top sitting flat on itself. I was wondering if there was somewhere to get replacement tubing that is straight that I can simply swap out for the old tubing rather than trying to bend the tubing on either side to match? Thanks, Bryce

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