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  1. We are on Mabel, which feeds Shuswap, and have those same giant 'tides' once a year. Heading up this weekend to make sure that everything is battened down due to the early high water. Our plank is on wheels to push the dock out as the water drops. We pull up the docks and leave them tarped on the beach over the winter, to avoid any ice issues, but our neighbour says one is already starting to float! That's way too early.
  2. I can't get the little guys up. Help

    We always water start so helping in the water is important. It is easier with people who already know how to pop up like on skis or a wakeboard. Crunch up in a ball, keep arms straight, stay crunched an extra bit once the boat is pulling... Blah, blah, blah.... You know the usual spiel. Kids always have a hard time controlling the board and getting enough heel pressure. They have to have their heels so close to the edge to sink the board and then just crawl their toes over into a better position once up. Kids tend to get panicky when the board is controlling them instead of them controlling the board, so boat in gear helps them to feel the pressure. Drag them a bit if this is a new feeling. We've had great success with using a tube as a starting platform. Have someone on the tube with them to steady, turn them the right way, help with foot position (bonus is their feet can be in the right place right away)... Knees bent, arms straight. Starting off the tube is like standing up off a chair. The hard part of pressure against the wave and timing the turn of the board from perpendicular to the pull to parallel with it is taken away and they get to feel the success of surfing. Yes, they will still eventually have to learn to water start. We even had my 69 year old mom up surfing last summer using the tube. She has never done any type of water sport but has snow skied all her life, and has a bum shoulder that she didn't think could take the stress of pulling up so we had to improvise and get creative. It was awesome! I'm sure once it clicks for your boys you'll have to wrangle with them for turns...we have had to institute a two song limit...the kids could go all day if we let them! Now they search for the longest songs on the ipod...

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