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  1. ^^ Domed numbers is awesome to deal with. They can make almost anything.... not the sharp edged plastic decals but anything drip mold style and for a good price. I had them make me a small surf control sticker on my previous boat for homemade surf gate system.
  2. I would call Cory at Evolution Covers. Well worth the price. Quality is unmatched IMO.
  3. You need to take the spindle in if you don't know what model number. Probably a UFP, in which case it's easy. Also, if you're even in a spot where you need to rebuild it -- remember a whole new preassembled trailing arm/spindle, bearings, hub, rotor, caliper and pads only costs $200-220. One bolt to the axle and one bolt to the brake line and you have a new setup.
  4. I've had a ton of success with surf gate and listing. It's better than evenly weighted with gates. The downside is still swapping weight from one side to the other. Was planning on trying surf tabs as well to provide a little lift/list in addition to gate, but I have yet to see a boat list much at all when evenly weighted and slammed. Will follow your progress for sure if you are doing same.

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