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  1. My buddy just bought a new Malibu 23mxz for a ridiculous amount of money and it’s been a nightmare. short list in 3 trips. -turn the driver seat and it hits and tears the bench seat behind. 17 leaks found after the hull was full of water, basically every fitting on the boat bilge pump was plumbed to pump back into the boat Stereo now cuts out And shuts off overheated 2nd day and shut down, had to go home gelcoat failure in 3 spots That’s just off the top of my head. It’s a flagship boat too. Not a full day out on the water yet without issues.
  2. 2015 Supreme S226 seat issues

    I have a 15 226 with almost the same interior. My doesn’t look as bad as yours but no doubt there is signs!! has it gotten worse?!...you have me worried. Did you work directly with fineline or did the send you to the dealer for communication? I’ll be following how this works for you. thanks! ryan
  3. Big thanks to NW Boat Sports. I ordered the adapters from them and they threw in the powder coating. Love those guys. They always go the extra mile for us and they put up with my boat OCD LOL NWBS is the bomb. I’m about 200 miles away and has always treated me great. Sure makes a difference!!
  4. Hello! So I took my boat out for maiden voyage of the season and it overheated a bit due to impeller not pumping water. Popped a hose and burped it kinda to prime and then no problem with temp or water flow. But the service required keeps beeping every few minutes or so after every silence. It did this last year also after not flowing water and after a hour or so it stopped and went another 60+ hours no problem. This trip was very short so it still dose it..I’m wondering is it normal it resets after a period of time? Yea...I need a new impeller again. Ha. Thanks!
  5. Greetings! Looking for options on how to make my 15 S226, 350 single exhaust a bit quieter, my wife is all over me on this so you can shurly understand my situation. It’s loud as hell when surfing, louder than any of my old boats. One of my old boats had FAE so it doesn’t count I guess. But my 15 has the 16 stinger plate so a FAE might be complacated. Is the centerion Quiet Tip an option or worth it? I don’t think the Malibu silent rider tip will fit the single exhaust boat like mine. Thanks!!!
  6. ACME 1617

    I have a spare 1847 1 1/18 left I’ll make you a deal on if you need one.
  7. I’m interested to hear results going back to smaller plate. I’m thinking your boat might get more results from your weight.
  8. 15 s226 goofy

    Thanks! Maybe pm me your email or something. Your box won’t take messages. i gotta spend more time messing with it. Only 3 trips out
  9. 15 s226 goofy

    Yea it’s almost to the point we’re compensating so much to fix one issue and creating more issues. With all the additional weight to get back to pre plate size you might have an epic wave with the smaller plate. Or maybe just a smaller plate with a small wing might be the trick. I see experimenting in my future.
  10. 15 s226 goofy

    Seems I’ve had a few people think the stinger (no wings) isn’t as big as a help people once thought. Talked to a 226’er the other day who thinks it actually hurts wave hight more than it helps by causing too much rear lift. Seems to me if you didn’t deploy it as much that would solve that...but maybe it drags in the water all the way up. Things for thought
  11. 15 s226 goofy

    When I listed I had pretty much all the port side tanks mostly empty. We were listed good but probably not enough weight to get the boat keel in the water enough. 🤔
  12. Greetings! I’ve only had my 15 s226 out a few times this year and feel I have all different ways to get a great regular wave somewhat down. Seems I relearn each time but I’m getting there. But this time I had a goofy rider (nobody’s perfect) with us. I really struggled getting a wave for him, it was always really washy no push. I think after a bit I was getting switch happy and was all over the place. I thought I had good starting setting from reading other posts but apparently I’m missing something. So there was total of 4 adults and 2 kids. My 15 has the upgraded bags from NWBS and the 16 stinger plate (no wings) and quick-surf, I had a decent lean on then tried to quick surf it clean. But I failed a lot. Thoughts after getting home is maybe I was going too slow. I’m used to my old elite V and my friends malibus were we usually run 10-10.5 max. Maybe I should have messed with speed more. I wanna get your guys thoughts. Thanks!
  13. Mirror and arm

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    Samson mirror and mount. 1 7/8 mount...obviously can buy a different mount. paypal


  14. H20...any information where I can start to look for one? I’ve never seen that Thanks man!
  15. Ok h20king...you can’t just post a picture of that rear seat back modification without sharing more details. I’d love that on my 15 226.

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