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  1. 2014 SV233 Top Speed

    For sure that is slow and not enough rpm. We have a 2015 with a 450, but run at 5000 altitude. It runs 5600 rpm 39-40 mph. Either the prop is wrong or the engine is not running properly.
  2. Install takes about an hour. It is pretty tight, take out the engine partition holder and the engine cowling bar for easier access. I recently went to the 5.5 inch baffle and found no loss in rpm, or power. The exhaust noise is still greatly subdued from it's original straight pipe design. GGB exhaust says that with 5.5 inch baffle in there, there is very little change in back pressure to the system, which I believe as rpm and power are not affected. I just put this out there for those that are struggling with the noise of the boat. I love the boat, but just couldn't take the headaches from long days of the open exhaust. I like to talk to people in the boat and surfers behind the boat without screaming. I have had several brands of towboats with various motors and this boat was louder than any other i have had.
  3. The baffle is secured with the bolt and washers supplied with the insert from GGB exhaust into stock Stainless steel tube.
  4. Once pipe is reinstalled in the exhaust hose, the noise is greatly reduced. The rear of the boat retains the stock flapper, silent cone and look.
  5. Pipe out of exhaust hose. This pipe is completely open.
  6. Pic of lower left side of engine, 4" exhaust tube with stainless steel pipe.
  7. Okay, I am technology challenged and am unable to get multiple photos to downloads even though i downsized them, so I will send them individually. Pic of boat
  8. Guys, I will get some pics up of the boat and the baffles. I will try to get some pics of the exhaust, but I already have it all back together and it is hard to see. It really knocked the noise down, so much so that I am considering dropping to the 5.5 inch size to see how it sounds. If I do that I will post pictures of the process. We went out Thursday and could easily talk to all surfers while they were surfing and still hear the music in the background. The site is www.ggb.ca, they are super nice guys to talk to, and will sell you separate baffles if you call them and order.
  9. I just purchased a 2015 Sv233 this year with a 450 pcm. I have been in boating for many years and really liked all the new technology, fit and finish that Centurion had added in the last few years. Every year we send a week on Lake Powell using the boat 8 hours a day. At the end of the week every-bodies head was ringing and the $6500 downfire sound system we paid for was wasted. I tried a FAE, but didn't like the spray of the wake. I found a company called GGB out of Canada, they make a insert for a 4" exhaust which slipped right into the stainless steel tube ( which is a empty tube) located in the exhaust hose before the exit flapper inside the boat. I purchased a pair of 8.5 inch inserts, but found i only need one installed. The boat retains the stock look, but the noise is greatly reduced. I lost about 100 rpm on the top end, which was more than acceptable to me for the noise reduction. They also make a 5.5 inch insert which might not effect the rpm, but might be a bit louder. Just thought all those out there struggling with how loud these boats are might want another option! I also have an extra 8.5 insert if someone would like to pick it up from me, $90. Love the boat and now my ears aren't ringing!

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