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  1. If it helps, I have the same boat bought used and it has the same black fly high bags you are describing. They take up almost the entire space. I can fit one or two life jackets on top when they are full but that’s it. No idea if they are the stock 550s. I guess you could measure the bags full and convert square inches to pounds.
  2. Experiencing the same, ill let you know if I find anything.
  3. It’s new to me,so I’m not a 100% but it has a yellow dip stick that would indicate checking a level.? reading more.. correct me if you have more knowledge... the transmission and the vdrive are two separate parts in the same housing? Trans is maintenue free and the vdrive is serviceable ie adding or changing the fluid?
  4. 2015, new to me s226, I’m trying to pull the yellow dip stick in the vdrive and can’t get more than 1/8 turn before it’s jammed between the exhaust and a wired in sensor. Anyone have some insight? Am i missing something?

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