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  1. Hard Water Spots

    Boat Babes smells the best but Speed Gloss works the best imo
  2. It's probably not the switch itself but the valve is stuck. Try and manually open it with the red allen key and see if the switch lights up when sensor sees it's open. Most likely a valve issue which is common.
  3. I installed a docking light specific "horizontal" rocker switch for the front docking lights. At the same time I cut in another for the rear tower facing LEDs. I put them both in in the helm armrest panel so they look factory
  4. Ski pole

    One of my biggest gripes with my 15 S226 is not having ski pylon. I think every boat should have it. That being said we ski and tube from transom handle tow point and ski from tower most of the time as it helps with deep water starts. Never tow tube from tower thought
  5. Fi23 vs GS22?

    So how would the Fi23 and Vi22 Compare? I was potentially considering the GS22 as I miss the slalom wake of my old direct drive and want a boat that will do both Slalom and Surf "decently". My S226 is a surfing beast but slalom is less than desireable. I know that the 2 sports are on opposite ends of the spectrum but don't want to get back into a ski only boat with terrible surf wave. There has to be a decent compromise out there. Will be travelling at some point to demo once I narrow down the short list because any dealers are a long way away from where I live Thanks
  6. Your issue actually sounds extremely simple and a $30 useable/wearable part as the likely cause/issue/ and solution in both cases. I replace my impeller every year whether I need it or not. Not that these boats don't have issues across all brands but these forums can be your friend as there is a wealth of information on them and doing some of your own maintenance can be a godsend if you don't have a great dealer in your area.
  7. Worxman - did you end up purchasing the SewLong bimini? If you did and don't mine would you pm me the price and what you think of it after getting some use? My OEM has a rip on a seam and considering doing something other than the factory bimini. Thanks
  8. Wall storage for your gear!

    Thanks. Boat's usually in that bay so actually right off the back easy peasy
  9. OEM are Fly High but you can go bigger. I upgraded to the bagbuster kit from NWBS. It's a bigger rear locker bag with the connected under midship seat bag. Contact them to find out the specs on added weight of the rear and midship bags as I cannot remember how much more than stock they are? I'm pretty certain the stock bags full you could still have a little gear (life jackets and such) on top and with my new bigger bag I make sure there isn't anything in there cuz when full there is no room.
  10. it's a PIA but yes mine will still do it if I cycle the key at start too quick. I think its an oil pressure sensor so similar. Mine runs fine since new, vitals all perfect, usually happens if I'm Not driving and wife tries to start too soon (no patience)
  11. Wall storage for your gear!

    Thread revival from the DEAD! I finally got my Krypt board rack put up after about 4 years. Bought them on clearance years back and I've always had DIY pvc racks for years. Wanted something a little more streamlined for the new shop (which isn't new now after 4 years ) Anyway here it is!!
  12. Finally did mine but went with the Angled Starboard and Port side specific LED's.
  13. Viking's S226

    Haven't been on here in awhile and/or updated my Thread. Seems like I'm always doing something to the boat and run out of time to post Anyway I just finished up installing some RubRail Docking lights and VisionX rear facing tower lights. For the tower lights I used the existing lower speaker locations and tower wiring and grabbed a set of adapters. The hardest part of the install was cutting out the rocker switches. The rubrail docking lights were a bit harder since I had to build up the nerve to take a cutting wheel to my boat and measure a million times to ensure I was able to re-use the existing rub rail screws to install the coverplate over the light housing. It actually wasn't too bad. I located the rocker switches in the right armrest cover plate at the top and bottom edges. It looks like it came like that from the factory which is the look I was going for. Now it's time to go use her for the season again ......whoot whoot!!!
  14. Well my new ride has arrived at the dealer! I drooled all over it yesterday. On my list between now and snow melt: dekadence flooring stereo build tint windows "no step" stickers for trailer fenders drivers heated seat
  15. 2015 Supreme S226 seat issues

    some of my cushions are starting to split at the piping seam
  16. 2017 S226 Surf Settings

    Search is your friend!! I don't have QuickSurf on my 15 so here's the lowdown for listed: bow tank full, surf side QF and PnP bag full, then add some more weight (peeps, lead, more fat sack ballast) on surf side and in bow., 11-12mph trim tab at 25% for starboard and about 75-100% for goofy (no counter weight)


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    New in Box never mounted ACME 2985 propeller. Been on a shelf since I bought my boat back in 2015. price includes shipping to anywhere in lower 48


  18. If you want push button start that's one thing but to buy it just to be able to keep the stereo on when turning off the boat is the wrong reason and spending money where you don't need to. When I purchased my boat same thing happened every time I'd turn the ignition off the stereo would shut down. All I did was find the power wire that feed the stereo rocker switch and run it to the power block that is supplied by the batt. That way the rocker switch is powered whether the ignition is turned on or off and you can control the stereo and components with the rocker and not be dependent on ignition power.
  19. I purchased my 2015 new and the rear fly high bags are grey. I upgraded to the slightly larger bag buster kit on the port side with the connected under seat bag but left starboard side alone as nobody surfs goofy. When full I can't really keep anything in the locker with upgraded bag but stock I can keep a jacket or 2 like you mentioned.
  20. Anybody (dealer, member, crew administrator) know what Font Supreme uses? Is it possible for somebody to email me the font? I want to get some vinyl letters and match the font if possible. I just ordered some 3d reg letters and guess I could contact domed numbers as they have it on file. Thought I'd check here first!! Thanx.
  21. Subscribed!! Mine has always had it as well. Seems extremely loose in the mid range and wanted to be able to tighten it up so it doesn't move on it's own but could never figure out how to get behind the handle to adjust!!
  22. If you yank it out buy Deckadence and put it down in it's place. You won't regret it. Gatorstep looks good but I still prefer the feel of Deckadence and ability to pull and clean, doesn't shrink, and won't see dirt around edges
  23. 2015 Supreme S226 seat issues

    Nice to see Supreme backing up this issue 4-5 years later Glad mine isn't doing it
  24. Yes front tank is standard. Should have 3 switches (left, center, right). On mine they don't light up but you can hear the pumps running when fill or empty is selected on the 3 way rocker selected for each. If you can't hear pump maybe you have a blown fuse. Pumps are in the engine compartment. Also when front tank is full you will see water empty out of the port side vent.

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