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  1. Great info. Our Yukon Denali xl with the towing package is rated for 8300#. So getting pretty close with gear to max. So I’ve been doing research on several forums to get an idea if it’s better to upgrade to the triple axle trailer or stay with the tandem. I can’t get any real consensus. Here’s the pros and cons list I’ve got going so far for upgrading to the triple. Please correct me if I’m wrong or any other valuable input is appreciated. pros: better ride/tracking at highway speeds if you get a flat, you can just pull that wheel off and keep going (at a reduced speed) Better weight distribution and less tongue weight better stopping power looks cool 😁 cons: more expensive especially when it comes to replacing tires/brakes Harder to back up or take turns - is this one true? Is it truly needed? Also I’m definitely upgrading to electric breaks from the passive hydraulic. Any thoughts why not do this upgrade?
  2. Just got back from demoing a beautiful ri230 red and black metal Flake. It drove beautiful. It felt solid and was shocked how quiet it was. Surf wave was impressive as expected. It looks to be quality built and looks the part. If I had to nit pick, seat storage cushions didn’t have shocks to hold the seats up and not all the cushions are hinged. Some wires and brackets were exposed. A little disappointing for $200+k. But I can look past all that since it does so many other things well and for the awesome ride quality and waves it puts out. We decided we need the extra space, so it will be a ri245 for us. Now just trying to workout a price before we order.
  3. That area on the way to Yosemite is very nice but so is AZ and probably longer boating season 😎. I’ve so far spoke with the Centurion dealer in Discovery Bay (they’re new to the brand) and they seem great and arranged a demo of a 230 next week. Yesterday I left a message for mello marine to see if they have a 245 so I can climb in it and get a feel for the size difference. I’ll see what they say. I don’t like to play the best price haggle game and rather go with the best service and establish a good long term relationship, however I will be curious to see if there is a large difference in %off of msrp between the two. One dealer is 1:10 away and the other is 1:40 away. So not a crazy difference.
  4. Wow!!! What a small world. Yup it was in discovery bay! I would love to hear your experience ordering and which dealer you are working with. You can definitely private message me if you feel more comfortable. What’s the spray date on your 230?
  5. Hi Troy, Thanks for the info. I didn’t realize bow space is same on both. Leaning back towards the 230 then. I guess I’ll really know when I sit in it next weekend. I’ll try to shoot some photos of it.
  6. What a great community on here. Been on here for over 6 months just reading post after post. Wealth of knowledge! Thank you all. So my story….sorry it’s a little long. The story you have all heard before….which boat?? Let me elaborate a little more than that. Grew up around water and boating and it’s time for us to have our own boat. We have a 3 1/2 year old and I want for him to have all the fond memories I grew up with around the lake. My wife and I are athletic but are beginners on both wakeboarding and surfing since we only get to do it sporadically on a friends boat. So main use would be surf and wake and most importantly just family and friend time on the water. Also a very important decision was we would love a boat that could handle some chop in San Francisco Bay (since it’s where we live) on those rare warm and calmer days to just cruise around with some friends. Early in my search, I was certain Malibu was going to be our dream boat. Then I heard about the quality and reliability issue on different forums. Then I was certain Supra was it! Saw it at the dealer. Loved the fit/finish, cool tech and design. And then I accidentally came across centurion on YouTube specifically the boardco videos and it hit on that very important point of rough water ride and deep V, specifically since our plan is to sometime use it in San Fran Bay waters on calm days. So started talking to a local NEW to centurion dealer who also has been mainly representing MC for many years. He just got a 2022 ri230 in this weekend and we’re planning to demo in a week. I haven’t seen it yet. So my questions for you awesome centurion owners….. 1. Will the size difference be significant between the 230 and 245 in all practical manners. Driving, wave size, passenger comfort? 2. we rented a MasterCraft nxt 22 last weekend for the day. Had an awesome time but my wife said that the bow is way too small for lounging and the boat we buy needs to have enough space to lounge. Will the 230 also feel small (which is why I’m now thinking 245)? 3. Trailering a 230 vs 245? Big difference. We plan on taking lots of trips and lake Tahoe is 3.5 hrs away and nearest lakes are about 1hr. Tow car is 2021 Yukon xl Denali with the 6.2L with tow capacity just north of 8000lbs 4. any other major differences between these boats that I should know about since seeing a 245 in person may not be possible 5. I know it’s a crazy market but what do you think a fair % off sticker for ordering would be? again thank you for all your input

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