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  1. Crazy Surf Trip 2017

    Clearly there needs to be a slight detour and an overnight stay at Antelope Marina Lake Powell!!! I got your back hombre. http://www.sunrisepeak.com/imagination/
  2. Awesome, we were there the next week, 19 - 24th.
  3. It's been a crazy summer / year! Haven't been on here as much as I would like. Got to sneak in a late fall trip to Powell. Crazy good weather! 75-80 degrees, no wind, water was 71. My oldest daughter put together a quick video including Eric and Ariel wedding at the end Also a few cameos from Audrey Kate, "AK", my first grand kid, making her first trip to Powell.
  4. Switchblade damaging transom

    No issues on my 2007 which came with the SB but I generally remove the blade when I travel to and fro the lake, about 20 miles. Really easy to take on and off.
  5. Disappointed with WakeMakers.

    I got that on the first read, thought it was funny!
  6. November pics and video 2015

    We set up on the other side once, definitely not as clean
  7. November pics and video 2015

    Daughter created a new video from our fall trip. This is the second week of October at Powell. Water was 74, air was 75-80 with a few sprinkles here and there. Wife drops two 360s in the same run at the end. Good Times! https://vimeo.com/145298748
  8. Whatever it does have 5 bedrooms, one of which has a kid cuddy room attached with a king size pad, plus there's an open air king size bed up top.
  9. It actually isn't that expensive if we find enough members with access to houseboats. For an extended weekend, maybe 4 days, to use my houseboat it would cost around $2K with turnaround fees and houseboat gas. If we only have 15 people on it, it would only be around $140 each, plus food, drink, and surf boat gas costs. If we could get at least 3 other houseboats, I'd push to make it happen with my boat, it has 6 queen size beds and several mats on top. We could take over the entire beach on the West side of Gunsite for a few days.
  10. I bet we could pull it off, maybe second week of October? Most "timeshares" on Lake Powell houseboats are wide open to use in October during the "off season". If we could get maybe 4 houseboats out of Page, Wahweap or Antelope, we could get 50-70 people, maybe more depending how intimate we want things We had 25 on our houseboat a few weeks ago We've been there during October the last 4 years, water is usually 75, air is 75-80. Fishing is phenomenal. Occasionally get a day of rain but not much.
  11. Personal Hot Rods

    I feel ya! 75 Dodge Truck. I miss her so much!!

    I'm sure many of you have seen this already, kills me!! Cool buzz and tasty waves brah! https://www.facebook.com/fox11la/videos/10156030861365553/?fref=nf
  13. Evolution Tower Questions

    I can check the clearance on my garage but I'm pretty sure it is a standard 8 foot garage. I drop the Evo tower on my 07 Enzo 240 and have no problems putting it into the garage (I have a deep garage).
  14. I like it, seems like the simplest approach. Thanks
  15. So I have a leak, water coming in through the bolts on my rudder. I'm going to dig in there a little and reseal it but does anyone know if there is an actual rubber seal between the rudder housing and hull or do you just apply some 5200 sealant. I haven't gone in there and investigated yet. I thought I would check in case anyone else had had a similar issue.

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