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  1. Thanks for the reply’s. I contacted the dealer I bought it off and they ordered me one from commercial sewing. Was disappointed I could only get it in light grey and not black. They said they didn’t do black because of staining of the seats. Haven’t put it on yet but it looks nice. It comes with the pull tight system. Hope it works better than the poles.
  2. My email is bradmebert@yahoo.com. Cory said he didn’t have a pattern for the ‘10 centurion avalanche and suggested a couple different places to have it done. I would still like to see the photos of yours.
  3. I’m in need of a new cover for my ‘10 Centurion Avalanche C4. I contacted Cory from evolution and he does not have a pattern. He suggested ski boat covers.com but I wasn’t impressed by the pictures on their website. Cover craft.com looked pretty nice but don’t know much about the company. Sewlong.com looked really nice but very expensive. I want something similar to the factory one I have but like the looks of the evolution covers. I also like the idea of no poles to deal with. Anyone have any suggestions that has had a new cover made for them? Thanks Brad
  4. I just sent the email to Cory about my ‘10 Avy. How much was your cover and how long did it take to receive? I would also like to see your pictures.
  5. I’ve not greased the rudder. I just recently purchased this boat. I’ll give that a try and see what happens. It pulls right when the ballast is empty. It makes sense that the rudder is moving because it doesn’t do it immediately after letting go of the steering wheel and it’s not like I have to hold it to the left to get it to track straight
  6. I notice a clicking while steering. It is really noticeable when full of ballast but can still feel it sometimes when ballast is empty. The boat also will track straight for like 3 seconds then pull hard right if I let go of the steering wheel. Are these things normal on the Avy or should I look into this?
  7. Everything is back together. No leakage at all now. No vibration at all. So far so good. I left it in the water on the dock. Still makes me nervous that its going to sink. lol. I could do a full write up if anyone needs help with changing this part out. The scariest part was jacking my boat up from the back end to remove the rudder. I only had a floor jack. Wish I had 2 stands to jack it up from the hooks in the back but I had to go with what I had.
  8. It rained all day today so I didn't get a chance to work on it. Ill start again tomorrow. The write ups i read where not the same for my Avy. The signs you need to replace it are the seal is leaking filling up the hull with water, kicking your bilge pump on every 25 minutes. I just bought this boat and this was the first time I had it on the water. I put it on the dock and came back a couple hours later and seen the bilge pump was running. Then I looked in the engine compartment and I could see ripples of water under the v-drive. Didn't notice this on the test drive but never thought too look. Lesson learned.
  9. The old shaft seal was stuck on there pretty good. I removed the clamps and used a razor blade to cut the old rubber so I could attempt to remove the old seal. Then I used a gear puller to remove the coupler from the shaft. Then I removed the prop from the shaft using a acme prop puller. Next time I will leave the prop nut on there until the prop is free. I didnt do this and the prop went flying off and dented my prop. Had to beat it back out. Hope it doesnt cause me any issues. The shaft still does not come out far enough to remove the old seal. Ill have to remove the rudder tomorrow.
  10. Anybody??? I've decided not to remove the v-drive. I started today before I left for work. Took the carter key and castle nut off, then unbolted the 4 bolts from around the v-drive that holds on the shaft and that is as far as I got. Had to go to auto zone to get a puller before I could proceed. Ill work on it some more tomorrow before work again.
  11. I did try his board a couple times but I fell off too quickly. So I switched back to my board. He said next time he would bring the extra fins to make it more stable for me.
  12. Did 800 on both sides of lockers. Center tank full and port side hard tank full. With 3 people sitting in the bow. Which was about 425lbs and suck gate on the side. Took 2 buddies that knew how to wake surf. Said the wave looked great. They both could go Ropeless but I could not. They where using a Doomsdell surf style board and I used the hyper lite broadcast. The smaller guy used the hyper lite and could ride it rope less but not as well as the doomsdell. I’ll just keep trying.
  13. Thanks everyone! Ill be trying these configurations out in the near future. Need some big buddies to help me out before purchasing bags.
  14. I would rather not list the boat if I can avoid it. Im thinking of trying the #800 in both lockers. Center factory and port side factory filled then sitting some people in the bow and port side to see how that goes before I spend money on weight for the bow. Which brand did you buy for the #350 that goes under the bow seat?
  15. I have to replace my shaft seal on my '10 centurion avalanche c4. My dealer ordered me a replacement from OJ prop in Tennessee. This is the one he recommended and know I see everyone on here puts on the PSS. My dealer claims and so does the techs at OJ dont recommend taking out the V-drive. Anyone have experience with changing out this part on the Avy have any suggestions or tips for me when I go to change this out next week?

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