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  1. CenturionCrew Spare tire cover?

    Infinity....let me check to see if I have the emails....yes I sent them the logo....I think I got the image from Shell at Centurion. I remember it was way more expensive than the crew deal. I'll see what I can find.
  2. CenturionCrew Spare tire cover?

    I had one made before the Crew Deal.....
  3. Box Anchor on sale

    Love my box anchor. I bought the large and its way overkill. Agree with Nick you need a good anchor line.
  4. If memory serves me right the SV220 was more of a cross over design and did not have the Deep V hull. Similar to the Falcon V hull we had. It surfed ok but you had to slam it. If surfing is your game you may want to look into that to ensure you get the deep V like the FX has.
  5. Nice...look forward to seeing it finished!!
  6. 2009 Enzo sv230 help...

    Agree with Rhunt on Ramfill.
  7. 2009 Enzo sv230 help...

    While the same overall length, the SV233 will feel much larger because of the cab forward design. My 21 ft Falcon V had as much space in the cockpit as the 230 because of the cab forward layout and 102" beam. We have a 233 and are a family of 4 and I really dont want more than 8 on the boat although we have had more.
  8. Check out this post from back in the day. I used this when I had my Falcon V. Its an awesome write up and we used to see these all the time on this site. I encourage all the DIY guys to post up your stuff. Admin....took me a while to find this post. Did we have a members DIY forum?
  9. Looks sweet.....thanks for ;posting!
  10. New FI23 or used RI237

    Very Nice...is that a shalllow water Hydrohoyst? What is the weight rating? Great set-up!
  11. Super Nice! Thanks for taking the time to document the build and post pictures!!
  12. I ordered mine with the boat....it plugs in near the cooler but the charger is in the observers seat area mounted on the wall.
  13. We have both styles and have only used the handle style for the past 4 or 5 years. I think it makes it easier to get up especially for bigger/heaver folks.
  14. New Boat

    Congrats on the new ride!! We all love pictures. Your dealer should be able to help you with parts and accessories.

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