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  1. Thanks for the heads up Admin and also thank you for all the work you do to provide us this forum. I know the upgrade will go more smoothly than the Dynamics upgrade our company in now struggling through!!!!
  2. Welcome...always great to see another site Supporter! Thanks Swell!
  3. Got this in an email.....saw this feature on a recently posted video.....I think this is very cool.....wish I could do it on my boat! Messed this up and posted in the wrong thread!
  4. Just one more reason to become a Supporting Member....Nice Admin!
  5. Always great to see new Supporting Members.....Dealers or Members!!!!
  6. X2!
  7. Congrats Trav.....I know how hard everyone was working to pull it off......its going to be great for the store and your customers!!! BTW....these pictures don't do it justice....the lot is HUGE!!!!
  8. X2.....thats why this site is ahead if the curve and the best tow boat forum on the net.....Thanks for all you do Admin!!!
  9. x2 Kevin......when watching these videos does anyone else wonder how these young people afford these $100K boats.......maybe its just me.
  10. Missed this one.....very nice video!
  11. It's all about the chase.....nice one viking
  12. Love the tan seats....really love 'em.
  13. $30 you will ever spend!!!! This site is soooooo much better with a Supporting Membership not to mention it helps to support our site!