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  1. Have a 2015 SV233...Need Help

    Wow!!! Thanks for all of the help. Can't wait to get to the lake and try these out! We have 7 ballast in total. We have (screen pic below): - QFP and QFS - P Pro and S Pro - Bow - P PNP and S PNP I had watched a video on how to set up the RI and figured it was all the same. Boy was I wrong. : ) I have been filling up all bags except the bow to 100%, the non surf tab to 80%, and the center at 0. Like I said, my son surfs well on it, but he could surf on anything as he is so light and pumps like a madman. When the transom bags are full they do fill up the whole locker (upper on each side of the engine). The regular surf that was left on the boat is shown in the pic.
  2. Have a 2015 SV233...Need Help

    So you do not set it up as a profile to do it automatically? Anything on the quick surf? Thanks again!
  3. I have a 2015 SV233. We bought it in the fall of 2017. This is our first surf boat, so newbies. We are still figuring things out and could use a little help. We have almost everything on it. Quick surf, all ballast, and CATS. It does not have ramfill. I just ordered 500 lbs of lead. Most of the time it is just me, my daughter, and my son going out and he surfs most of the time. We all surf regular. We very seldom have a goofy rider (but would like a good set up for goofy). He is small, about 125 lbs, and pretty good. He can handle any wave but loves lots of push (wave snob). My daughter is small also so they can surf behind just about anything. I am having trouble when I surf when it is just he and I. I can't seem to get the push and it is like I have to stay right behind the boat or I go out the back of the wave. This weekend we were out there with more people and I was able to do better when I got a couple of larger people in the back. Some settings for each of us would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance! Jonathan Scarborough

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