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  1. 2013 v227 hour meter question

    I never heard of the hour meter running with the engine off.. Post this to the Supreme/centurion facebook group. You will get more info.
  2. S211 tower issues

    I have to put my throttle in reverse now to fold it down.
  3. S211 tower issues

    I have a 17 s238 and have the same issue. The bimini mounts hit my windshield when I fold down the tower also. I seen the 2019 has a different design. If they have a kit to fix this I would like to get a link to purchase it.
  4. 2017 S238 questions

    I picked up a new 17 s238 leftever for 72,500 with the 6.0 and every option even the blinged out trailer. 89k is really high. You will like the boat! It is a solid built boat and throws a good surf wave, you just have to weight it right. Like Cameron said the s238 loves weight. I don't have any regrets about buying mine. The boat is simple to operate which is what I like .
  5. I would like to add a push button to my s238 also. I seen a post on FB also about this but no details on how he did it.
  6. 17’ S238 surf setups

    I have a 17 s238 and we all ride goofy. I fill all the QF and upgraded the rear so sumo 1000s. Fill both them all the way. Fill center tank but not the bow bag. Put a 300 pound bag under the driver side mid seat and then if its just 2-3 people in boat I will put a 750 on top of that seat and the boat will be listed but the wave is amazing. If I have a 5-8 People in boat I will still fill the 300 pound bag under the driver mid seat but will just get 2 people to sit on that side and will drain some QF out the port to tune the wake right. 100% surf tab and play with the stinger plate to clean it up. Runing about 10.5 to 11.0 just depending on what board we are riding. The 750 on the seat has been the biggest wave I had yet! I can add some to the bow bag to make the wave a little longer just depending on what im feeling and how many beers I have in me.
  7. Let's See Your Rides

    Take the 750s in the rear locker and replace them with 1100s for starter. Depending on how many people in the boat you will have to add a sac to the goofy side and list the boat. Fill up everything and put one of the 750s on the seat behind the driver. Boat will have a nice list on it and the wave will be macking. Took me a couple times out to get it right. Play with the stinger plate and the speed to get it to your liking. The boat loves weight! Don't expect to go out and fill up with just the ballast from the factory and have a huge wave unless you have a boat full of people.
  8. That was my issue also. I didn't want to trailer all that lead but also don't want to take up space in the boat with bags. I only trailer maybe 8 miles to the river so I don't think that will be a problem with lead bags. If you can do a round trip 300 miles without a problem I think 16 miles is nothing!
  9. The s238 loves weight. I bought a new 17 s238 a came from a 07 super air 220 that I had dailed in. Took the boat out with the 750 plug and play from the factory and was not happy with the wave. Didn't have any push and was very small. Upgraded the rear bags to 1000s and that helped. Best setup I have had so far is everything full with a 300 bag under the seat on the goofy side and 750 on top of that. Boat was listed and the wave was awesome. Going to invest in some lead soon. Love my boat just was upset that it didn't even had a surf able wave from the factory. Spend 80k and still have to buy more stuff.
  10. Let's See Your Rides

    New s238 we got in february. Still working on getting the goofy side wave dialed in but its getting there.
  11. Octo tower 2017

    I just bought a 17 s238 last week with this kit on the tower. You can fold the tower down but you have to pull the right bracket in at the same time the tower is coming down so it doesn't hit the throttle. When tower is down the left arm is about 1 inch from the love seat. Cant fold the tower down with the cover on also. Im going to do some research to see if I can make it where you can get those arms off with some pins of some sort.
  12. New Boat

    Well the issue im having is the dealer I bought it from.. this was his last supreme on the lot and he is not selling them anymore. He is no longer a dealer. Im located in baton rouge LA. What would be a good dealer I can contact to help me
  13. New Boat

    Picked up a new 2017 S238 over the weekend. Im comming from a 07 SAN 220. Im impressed with the quality of this boat. Is there is website I can order parts and accessories for supreme boats. nautiqueparts.com is where I got all my stuff for my nautique from. Im looking to get the carpet with the supreme logo on it for the s28. It has the gator step on the floor now but it gets extremely dirty. Thanks
  14. Cycolone C4 Goofy Wave

    We had nothing in the port locker and it was bad.. added 400 to it and then 2 people on the port side seats and it was exactly the same. We have plenty of ballast bags just wanted to get an idea of what peoples setups were. Thanks

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