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  1. I Pm'd him march 2 and have not heard anything back, but I'm interested as well for sure.
  2. Surfing the Okanagan

    Vernon area is nice. A little more laid back than Kelowna. I think a better bank for your buck. you have Kalamalka lake which is beautifull as well as Okanagan lake. Between Kelowna and Vernon is Winfield or they call it Lake Country now. it is nice as well. Kelowna /West Kelowna is getting very big and busy, if that is what you need. We like Osoyoos in the summer for camping. The lake is smaller and shallow so the lake is very warm, somedays almost too warm. It is a small town but super busy in the summer and very quiet in the winter. hopefully that helps.
  3. Ok I sent you the Centurion Operator's manual and also a ProVision II operator's manual. hope this helps Best regards Mal
  4. try goggle Valtera # E40A-8, etrailer.com , looks like the valves you are looking for. I have the identical boat and are seriously thinking about making the swap.
  5. I have a Operators manual in PDF form that I could try and e mail to you. it is about 10MB.

    my new ride this year, Enzo SV240+ Osoyoos, BC
  7. Thanks DrNate, Yes I agree that is what I probably will have to do, but in the mean time. I have the green impellors already. I don't understand why the drain pumps won't work also. is everything controlled through the sprinkler valves?
  8. there are no fuses. only resettable circuit breakers under the dash. found nothing tripped
  9. I have new to me 2011 Sv240+. Put it in the water last night for the first time for a spin to see how everything works. Tried filling the port side mid bag. Pump thru the sprinkler valve set up. Pump ran for a bout 4 minutes partially filling the bag. Pump stopped. after that nothing, tried to empty the bag nothing. tried re-filling the bag, nothing. tried filling and empting center tank, still nothing, tried the same for the Starboard bag , nothing. like the whole system shut down. is there a fuse for the whole system ? could not find anything. any help please from the Crew would be great.
  10. I have a 2011 SV240 with the PCM 409 engine. I'm getting an Engine code DTC 686 " Power relay control ground short ". Engine seems to run fine, but I have not had it out on the water yet. any help out there would be greatly appreciated. thanks
  11. Hi DrNate, how did the fin repairs turn out. subject change : is there a way to increase the brightness of the Provision screen , mine seems really dull, especially in bight sunlight. many thanks
  12. ok 4" is the magic number from back of front fin to front of the back fin. I know this is off the topic, but what are you running in your boat for ballast system set up. thanks
  13. I can measure up my boat this week end and get the measurements
  14. ok HOw would I tell if I have gen 1 or gen 2 dash. did you buy your 240 new. did it come with any manuals on the operation of the soft keys for the dash.thanks

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