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  1. King is it time to update your boat on the profile?
  2. March Video - Picture Thread!

    Man this is a quite thread
  3. 2008 Enzo SV230


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    08 Enzo SV230 low hours 270 Wetsounds System plenty of sacs go with the boat 2-1100's, 2-400's, 2-fatbricks


  4. First time for everything! Yes Yes it was a fallen miserably Face down too!!! No it takes more time than trying to drive to an airport for sure! But when you are a rookie...... And no it was absolutely Concrete Angels! They do throw some awesome parties! Those pestky grown up kids
  5. I ordered replacements from Fineline. Had to talk with Shell bc she needed to identify exactly what they looked like bc the had different switches throughout the years and boats. But replace 2 switches and only cost me 21$ with shipping.

    U r right Bongo I think he got renamed to ManPo because of the disaster of a boat purchase he went through. Thanks for reminding.

    Name looks the same but wasn't he rolling a older boat back then?

    I was just looking at this thread and thinking.... Whatever happened to Mancho as he was the reason this thread began. Haven't seen him on in sometime? Crew Calling Mancho! Mancho are you anywhere out there?
  9. Kinda like a moped fun til you get caught Ridin it!
  10. H maybe re look at the post I went through the waketheworld website and could not get a response. Looks like a great cause. Could be growing pains but if that's the case responding might help.
  11. I tried to help out with this event in my area but could never get the site to reply to emails. Seems like a good cause but maybe they have more help than they need.
  12. Hell Rhunt didn't bring a boat he just brought a long board and kept Highjacking Waves! See pic Above
  13. There were crew members there that had never been. And only a few of the event regulars. But was still a good time and cool to get to meet different members.

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