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  1. Super1990 Can you elaborate on your setup with the 3 Ballast Kings? Fill time? Drain time? What size sacs do they fill? Thanks!
  2. I have a hangtyte on my cover already but unless I tighten the cover down wind blows the cover all over the place (particularly the bow). It's the tightening down the cover to keep it snug around the bow and tower (I have the Evolution tower) that takes forever. Do you just hang it and not tighten it really?
  3. Hey crew! I have an 2007 SV230 with excellent heavy duty travel cover for trailering my boat, however my boat is on a buoy most of the time and it's difficult & timely to put on when the boat is in 8-10 feet of water (especially when I'm in a hurry when storms roll in!). I'm resistant to do the button down cover as yes, it's easy, but I don't like the look of buttons all around the boat. Anyone using a cover that is easy/fast to install on a buoy? Or do I just suck it up and get the button down cover?....
  4. 2008 ENZO SV230

    Bought mine with 455 hours. Great boat, we love it. Incredible port side wave! Couple things to keep an eye on..... Watch for the impeller pulley. They been know to walk out of the pump of the on the 5.7 Scorpion (form what I've been told) and the swim platform mounts are finicky (my platform mounts broke, got them welded back on)
  5. Surfing the Okanagan

    My vote goes to Salmon Arm as well. Great lake! Our boating is basically there every year for about a month and always can find spots with low traffic and smooth water.
  6. Ransom LED's? Is that a brand? Or was that a typo for random
  7. Hey guys, Looking to possibly add some LED lights to my Evolution tower for night surfing. Of course there's a million different choices out there. Any recommendations? We only really surf so I'm assuming short distance wide dispersion would a big feature? I'm trying to avoid a light bar as we have our bimini up pretty much all the time and the Evolution tower is pretty low, the last thing i need is to be banging my head into a light bar Cheers, TR
  8. SV230 vs SV233 hull

    Still a sick wave Dreamer! I've put in a Fat Sac in the goofy rear locker to have something for the odd goofy rider (which is actually decent compared to most other boats i've seen). Nothing in comparison to port side wave though.
  9. Any Sound Qaulity Advantage

    Someone needs to develop a waterproof (obviously) watch that you can wear to control volume and tracks. Boats have watches that control the wave, I have no idea why a marine head unit company hasn't developed a watch! I was gonna see if I could make something work with an Apple Watch but they aren't waterproof. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. You know what? Total brain freeze..... It never occurred to me to surf with the platform off. The weather turned out to be pretty bad so it wasn't as big of a deal. It definitely floats though, my FAE was also attached and it floated. It actually came off during a huge storm while on the buoy, I was pretty lucky actually, some guys boat got loose from the storm and he went out to get he and walked back in with my swim platform. If he's boat had not got loose there's a good chance i woulda been in the market for a new platform and FAE. Probably gonna weld it back together as the new Centurion mounts don't match up and are stupid expensive (from what i've been told). I'll definitely be watching this thread however.
  11. Mine broke of as well. Real PITA. Was getting ready for our final weekend of surfing last summer and bam.... Season over.
  12. Nice pics! I recognize a board there. How'd your son like it?
  13. winterization

    I do a complete winterization. Only because my buddy lets me use his heated garage for free and if there was a time where he absolutely had to have the space back i can move the boat out no problem. If it was my heated garage i don't know if i would. I guess if there is a power outage, but what are the odds of that for that long of time?
  14. Pretty sweet. Definitely interested in seeing more of your vids with the adjustability from skim to surf and transitions.
  15. Looks sweet, interested to see the wave and how quick the transfers are. A big, long wave is awesome, but to have that transfer capability and go goofy and back on the wave would be killer too.

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