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  1. Zombies

    That's what my wife thought too
  2. Kinda hoping I could do that! Thanks for the response. I need to find some time and crawl in there and check out the situation
  3. I have Two brand new valtera valves in the garage that Shell sent me to replace my drainmaster valves that are beginning to fail. I guess they're not gonna work after reading this thread. I haven't had a chance to get in the boat and look at situation been to busy. Now what ???
  4. 2016 Trailers

    May be a bit , but I have to step up and say that VM has been AWESOME to deal with. I needed replacement running lights that were pitted they replaced no questions. My fulton jack broke they sent me a new one. A couple lags were missing on the trailer bunks they sent me 10 of them. They also are always there to answer any concerns you have with your trailer. I felt this may be the thread to give VM props for GREAT warranty service.
  5. Aerial video wakesurfing a Nautique G23 in Vermont

    Very cool!! Thanks for sharing.
  6. Congrats! Beautiful boat. Welcome to the crew

    I think he hit his head

    Congrats to Hailey and her proud DAD!!!
  9. Super bummed I can't make it this year Planned on going, but have a family friend in need of support. Have fun guys post lots of pictures !
  10. Adding interior speakers

    Not sure if you have bow speakers already, but if not that's an idea to get some sound up front. http://www.centurioncrew.com/index.php/topic/5832-can-i-install-xs-650s-in-the-bow-of-a-2010-falcon-v/?hl=+bow%20+speakers%20+falcon
  11. New here

    Welcome to the crew!
  12. He should try try again

    Epic !
  13. setup for 2012 SV244

    Good news! Glad it worked out for you !!!!
  14. Check on the tongue of the trailer. There should be a sticker there telling you the correct pressure for your tires.

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