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  1. Sounds like you're in the same situation I was in the past. If you're leaving your batteries sitting in the boat all hooked up without a trickle charger you're asking for trouble. Likely something is slowly draining them and you're also not putting any charge to them for a long time. Get a trickle charger and I bet it solves your issues with the new batteries. Its worth the cheap investment. For racks...1 7/8 sounds about right. I have the pro flight swoop tower. http://www.krypt-towers.com/tower-racks/ A lot of people don't like this guy, ken, but his stuff is cheap and decent enough quality. Lots to choose from. http://www.onlyinboards.com/AccessoryShop/Products/Racks.aspx Guy that owns onlyinboards was always a good guy from what I remember and he has lots to choose from. https://greatlakesskipper.com/ Great lakes skipper seems to have a lot of OEM parts for boats including some Centurion racks with the logos...not cheap Literally put in wakeboard tower racks in your browser and you'll find lots of options. I'm sure some other guys on here have more experience with ones they really like. Good luck.
  2. There are tons of aftermarket racks, really all you need to do is match up the tubing size and you're good to go. I really don't have any suggestions since I bought mine so long ago but find ones you like and I can all but guarantee they'll have the clamp size you need. My only warning is make sure if you purchase ones that can rotate out that you actually have room for them to rotate. My bimini gets in the way, figured that out a bit to late. Batteries I have no idea. I just buy the interstate batteries from costco. They seem to work well enough and costco is pretty great about returns, etc if necessary. I also keep mine on a trickle charger whenever it's not in use so that's helped....a lot.
  3. prop recommendation

    That makes sense, it looks like the 1231 has .5 less pitch then my 525 and .5 more than the 911. I've run the 525 with around 1200lbs for wakesurfing before and it ran fine but definitely could have used a more aggressive prop. If you don't care about top end, and I'm talking minimal loss from what I've heard, the 911, or the 1231, is probably a great option.
  4. Wish I could help. I literally have to take my tower, different then yours, off when I put it in the garage. It's a pain in the a$$ so hopefully you find a better solution. Good luck.
  5. I have the pro flight swoop on my 02 cyclone and it looks exactly like that barefootcentral link and definitely looks a bit different then the picture of cambocovey's 04 Cyclone. Cambcovey, is there something you're looking for, i.e. parts, etc or are you just wondering what tower it was?
  6. prop recommendation

    I've been kind of out of the loop for the last year or so but that's what I remember being the most aggressive prop assuming it's the old 1:1 gear ratio, which I believe the 04s have. They just work better with the 3 blade props as opposed to the 4 blades. I run a 525 but I don't run much ballast. I was actually thinking of having my spare repitched to the 911 specs. Anyway, I think you're safe with that one unless something came up in the last year or so that I didn't hear about.
  7. So you guys are happy with the Greenballs? I'm thinking of picking them up. I have always used Carlisle and have had mixed experiences with them so want to go with a different brand and I heard the Greenball Tow Masters were a good choice. That plus Costco being about 5 miles from my home seems like a win win for me.
  8. Thanks RhuntIII, thats a pretty handy guide there. So long story short it was a bad battery. It showed charged but had low voltage. I got it to prime the fuel pump, not sure thats the correct term, and everything else but would die when I tried to turn it over. I pulled the battery and checked to make sure it wasn't dry. I immediately smelled a strong sulfer smell. Looked it up and thats a sign of a bad battery....and pretty much anything else. Anyway, got a new battery and its good go. Disaster averted.
  9. Hey everyone, been a long time. Personal reasons have kept me out of my boat, and away from this forum, for going on two years. Hope everyone is doing well. Anyway, I haven't used the boat since about two summers ago; however, I did pull it out of the garage last September to change the oil, water/fuel separator, etc and just make sure it was running okay. Everything was fine...at least on the hose. Fast forward to today and I decided I would run it on the hose and then drag it down to the lake tomorrow to test it out. This is where the problems start and let's just say I didn't get very far. I turned the key to prime the fuel pump and basically the alarm just starts beeping rapidly. Not a continuous long beep, but intermittent beeps with very little time in between. This goes on until I turn the key off. Normally I turn the key, it beeps for like a second until the fuel pump comes on and then it stops. I also noticed the gauges where flickering along with the beeping. I assumed that it was a voltage issue but I have had the battery on a trickle charger the entire time it's been in the garage and it showed as both charging and being above 80% charged. The blower, bilge, etc all seemed to run strong so I don't think it's the battery. Help! Normally I can go online and at least get a general idea of the cause but this has me stumped. Maybe an ignition issue or something? I have no idea. Any suggestions? Boat: 2002 Centurion Cyclone Engine: Merc 350 Mag MPI
  10. Yes .... Tubes Really Are Evil

    Interesting Honey, we're going on the boat this weekend, grab the tube. No kids. Seriously though, glad she's okay. Crazy story.
  11. Aren't flow riders like 6 inches deep or something...miss a trick and you're landing on your head. I think it's soft material but still. With that, looks fun and I'm not doing inverts so why not.
  12. Drone Longboard Footage From Downunder

    Needs more lefts
  13. Changing cap and rotor annually really necessary? Good list...
  14. Shooting The Pier

    Uhm, best movie ever...in that so bad its good kind of way. Surf here in CA has been pretty decent last couple days from a hurricane down in Mexico. I've done that once, it's 100x sketchier than he makes it look. The pilings are all gnarly with splinters and barnicles. You definitely don't want to hit one.
  15. another phantom 2 vision plus quad

    uh, where can I get one of these?

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