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  1. Congrats on the new purchase. I have an 05 SV230 with an Enzo sack on the port side and a hard tank under the starboard passenger seat with a fat sack in the starboard rear locker. My son was able to surf the port side with no ballast until he got over 125lbs. Adding ballast made the wave too big for him and other smaller beginners. The beauty of the sack is that once deflated I can store multiple wakeboards in there.
  2. I just had to replace my steering cable on my 05 SV230 and figured I’d add a few things that might be helpful. First, as I understand it, Teleflex no longer exists and was replaced by SeaStar so the new part number is SSCX15420. I ordered from Fredwarner.net and it cost $150 w/free shipping. I followed a lot of the guidance from above, but just to add a little more, I had to remove both water hoses from the back of the water pump to make accessing everything easier. Just unscrew the hose clamps and they pull off. I didn’t need to remove the water pump or sideswipe and was able to reach the cotter pin on the pitman arm fairly easy, and I’m on the husky side. The hardest part was getting the threaded nut on the steering cable unscrewed from the shaft housing that’s held in place by the clamp with the 4 bolts. I used an adjustable wrench but I THINK it’s about a 1 ¼” nut if you have a wrench that big. You could always take the new cable to a hardware store and find the right size wrench since the nuts are the same size. The shaft housing would turn with the nut when I would try to loosen the nut, but not as much as the nut, so it eventually came off but was a tedious process. I sprayed PB Blaster on the threads but I’m not sure if that even made a difference, perhaps some vice grips would help if you could fit them in there. Once I got that unscrewed, I pulled the cable/shaft out of the housing and then tied a rope to the end of the shaft where the retaining bolt would normally be. Before I could pull the cable out from the helm, I had to remove the paneling underneath the dash on the floorboard to access the hole where the cable comes out. The cable/nut got hung up on the gas tank, so I removed the floor panel to get access to the cable. This was well worth the few extra minutes, plus it made it easier to pull the new cable back through. I also agree that it’s much better to buy a new cotter pin; I tried the old one to no avail, but a new one went in on the first try. It’s definitely helpful to have a second person to lend a hand but is possible to do yourself. All together from start to finish, it took me about 3hrs which includes re-installing the under dash paneling and floor panel along with centering the steering wheel and rudder.
  3. 2006 Enzo storm

    Gniknalla, I bought a 2005 SV230 in August with 500hrs and absolutely love it. I had to drive 1 1/2hrs as well, but worth it for sure, plus the guy took me out to test drive it. The previous owner had the port side hard tank (under the bench seat between the spotter and the rear bench seat) removed and installed a 1,400lb Enzo sack which runs from the rear port side locker almost up to the spotter's seat. He also put a 600lb soft sack in the starboard rear locker. The original hard tank (he told me it's 250lbs but could be more) under the passenger seat on the starboard side behind the driver is still in place. I ride goofy but am able to surf the goofy side just fine with the 1,400lb sack and the 250lb hard tank filled with minimal passengers. The goofy side of the wave isn't as nice but I'm sure would improve if I filled up the 600lb sack as well; either way, it's fine while I'm barely learning. I'm 6' and 200+lbs, so I need a decent sized wave; however, my son who's about 120lbs can surf the port side with very little ballast. One more thing I'll throw out there, is the Sideswipe exhaust. I'm a gearhead so I love the sound of the motor and it was the biggest selling point for me. I'll be honest, it can be bothersome to some people but I haven't had any complaints from anyone I've taken out. I also have experience with a buddy's 22' Avalanche and my brother-in-law's 23' Typhoon C4, so if you have any other questions feel free to ask. Hope this helps. Good luck!

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