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  1. 2006 Enzo storm

    Gniknalla, I bought a 2005 SV230 in August with 500hrs and absolutely love it. I had to drive 1 1/2hrs as well, but worth it for sure, plus the guy took me out to test drive it. The previous owner had the port side hard tank (under the bench seat between the spotter and the rear bench seat) removed and installed a 1,400lb Enzo sack which runs from the rear port side locker almost up to the spotter's seat. He also put a 600lb soft sack in the starboard rear locker. The original hard tank (he told me it's 250lbs but could be more) under the passenger seat on the starboard side behind the driver is still in place. I ride goofy but am able to surf the goofy side just fine with the 1,400lb sack and the 250lb hard tank filled with minimal passengers. The goofy side of the wave isn't as nice but I'm sure would improve if I filled up the 600lb sack as well; either way, it's fine while I'm barely learning. I'm 6' and 200+lbs, so I need a decent sized wave; however, my son who's about 120lbs can surf the port side with very little ballast. One more thing I'll throw out there, is the Sideswipe exhaust. I'm a gearhead so I love the sound of the motor and it was the biggest selling point for me. I'll be honest, it can be bothersome to some people but I haven't had any complaints from anyone I've taken out. I also have experience with a buddy's 22' Avalanche and my brother-in-law's 23' Typhoon C4, so if you have any other questions feel free to ask. Hope this helps. Good luck!

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