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Found 13 results

  1. 2007 Centurion Enzo SV230 - Low Hours

    Time Left: 9 days and 7 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Original owner, meticulously maintained and operated since I purchased her in August of 2008. Puts out a large, clean surf wave.-330 hp Mercury Black Scorpion with 320 hours. Just changed the oil, filter, both fuel filters and the impeller. Always stored inside or under cover. Excellent interior, vinyl and carpet are in great shape. Cosmetically sound exterior, one 2” scratch in the black gel coat, a few hairline cracks by some of the chrome trim pieces.-Custom 1500 lb Enzo fat sac with Tsunami pump, also has two 200 lb stock hard tanks.-Custom Fresh Air exhaust, makes it safe from CO fumes. Also makes the boat a bit quieter.-Brand new tires, less than 1k, and a spare.-Samson speakers and sub/amp, extra battery with shutoff switch.-Cover still works well, but it has one 2” tear in the center that I’ve patched with gorilla tape, it’s been holding for 4 years now.-Bimini top is in excellent condition.-Lots of extras included with a full price offer: life vests, wetsuits, ropes, fenders, surfboards, 4 person towable tube, quick-release anchor with sand spike. If you’re looking for a nice boat with a great surf wave then you’ve found it.Thanks for looking!


  2. Hello everyone. We are looking at upgrading from our 2005 Moomba Outback to something a bit newer and better set up for surfing. There is a 2009 Enzo SV230 near us, that looks interesting. It seems like this would be a great next boat for us. Question on the ballasts, the add says it has 3,500 lbs plumbed in. Is that the factory system, or does that sound like more ballast than stock? Anything i should be looking at specifically when going to see the boat? Thanks!
  3. We bought my son the Traxxas Spartan and yesterday we jumped the wake of our SV230 for the first time. It's amazing how well these things do in the water! Next time we'll have to weight the boat down and see how it does.
  4. From what I've read online it seems that my 2005 Enzo SV230 has all the symptoms of a failed Idle Air Valve (IAV). It stumbles around idle coming out of gear quite often and sometimes even dies, and the only way to get the engine to start when its hot is to give it neutral throttle. After some reading online I ordered the Standard Motor Products AC423 Idle Air Control Valve of Amazon for $40 (In comparison to the $178 for the OEM Mercruiser 866326) which is supposed to be a direct replacement. Multiple people on Amazon said it worked perfect on their Mercruiser 350 Mag MPI so I figured it should work on mine! Of course when I received the part and went to install it I found a couple things that I'm not so sure about: The original part I removed (assuming it is OEM) does not appear to have a pin and spring in it that the new replacement part has. Anyone know the function of this, or if it is of any concern? The replacement part came with a small rubber gasket that is definitely not correct for this application; it appears as though it should be used in an application that has a machined groove more like an o-ring would have. After searching for the correct gasket online, all I seem to find pictures of is a simple thin sheet style gasket that is cut to the profile of the valve. The gasket I removed from the boat was pretty thick and is overmolded on a mesh screen material. I'm wondering why this screen would be necessary? Does it keep the foam filter (see question #3) from entering the valve? When I searched for the OEM replacement gasket I found that the original P/N 865168 was superseded by 866326... The notable thing here is that the part description of the gasket also changed from "Gasket, Flame Arrestor" to just plain "Gasket". Did they remove the screen from it for the new part? Once I removed the gasket I found a small foam filter (Mercruiser P/N 865266) in the bottom port of the intake air valve adapter body. Anyone know the function of this filter? Any air that is in the intake manifold has already passed through a much finer air filter so I don't understand it's purpose. I ask all these questions because I'm trying to get the boat water ready in time for the 4th, and I'm struggling to find the OEM gasket readily available.
  5. I was having a really hard time finding any information online about the Monster Cargo Bimini so I thought I would post a couple of pictures here for you guys after the install was complete. The medium fit perfectly and the install was straight forward. Even with the 8" Wetsound tower speakers, I am able to stand under the top at 6'2" thanks to the concave design. [ The Gator Step was the same. Straight forward and easy install. It really upgraded the look of the interior too. Now I just need to figure out a replacement for the teak swim deck.
  6. Crew, This is my first post on here as I just purchased a 2008 Enzo SV230. I am looking for help on what maintenance I should do to this boat to get it ready for the year. I am fairly mechanical and would prefer to do what I can myself. I have no maintenance records of the boat, but I do know that it was stored high and dry at a marina and was always regularly maintained by that marina. I have no idea when the impellor was done last or anything like that. Any advice on tools that make these jobs easier, what oils and filters I should be using, what the regular maintenance schedule should be, or even a factory guide would be great. I appreciate any information that anyone would like to come forward with. Thanks, Justin May
  7. I have heard a lot of good things about it's surf wave but none about wakeboard wake. How is it with and without switchblade? And how is the interior quality and fit and finish? thanks
  8. Ok so I added 2 Johnson Ultra Ballast Pumps to rocker switches for my Enzo sacks and installed a manifold so I can have both pumps filling either port or starboard as needed along with the factory Jabsco pump. One pump works flawless and the other is hit or miss, some times it pumps, and it drains for about 30 sec before shutting off. I have new impellers (Orange) in the pumps and for the life of me can't seem to get them to fill and drain as designed. I believe I may need to re-wire the PWR to the switches but wanted to see if anyone else has seen similar results. Plan is to put in new fuse block and run Ballast pumps off new fuse block since the factory wiring is a rats nest under the dash. https://www.bluesea.com/products/5025/ST_Blade_Fuse_Block_-_6_Circuits_with_Negative_Bus_and_Cover
  9. i have recently purchased a 2016 SV230. It has about 60 hrs on the motor and i have gone through 2 fuel relays. The first time was at around 58 hrs and the second time was at 62 hrs. The first time was at the doc so it wasnt too big of a problem. However, yesterday, the boat motor simply died when i was getting in the boat after wake surfing. Being that this has happened to us 2 times now, im wondering if anyone else has experienced a similar issue and how you were able to troubleshoot this problem. I have taken it to the dealer and they cannot find where the issue is coming from. for all i know, it could be a bad ground or a problem with the fuel pump itself.... Thanks!!
  10. Does anyone know the Centurion part number for an 05 enzo SV230 steering cable? or happen to know which aftermarket one I would need? My steering sucks and my boat driver complains every time I need a boar ride lol. Thanks!
  11. As I gear up for winter stereo upgrades, I've decided to do the head unit delete mod and ditch my Kenwood head unit and remotes in hopes it makes it easier for me the driver to connect bluetooth, change volume, etc. I'm going to add the Exile EXMC1 which will fit perfectly where one of my dash mounted remotes are mounted and when I pair it with WS-420BT EQ I should be able to control all 3 zones. Simple enough, but what do I do with my head unit and my swim deck remote? If I remove either, I end up with a hole somewhere. The large original Sony remote had to have a 3.25" mounting hole. Anyone got any ideas to cover them up or install something useful. I'm all ears. Thanks!
  12. Adding interior speakers

    I'm looking to do some stereo upgrades in my 05 SV230 this off season. Only having 4 factory interior speakers just isn't cutting it anymore. I've already upgraded the existing speakers to XS-65i but has anyone added any additional speakers to the interior and where have you installed them? Maybe I'm not good at visualizing it but I just can't seem to find a good spot for at least 2 more speakers.
  13. I'm looking into picking myself up a 2007/08 enzo sv230 for the summer. I have fallen in love with wakesurfing over the past couple years and have narrowed down my boat selection. I've been looking into a 2007 that is completely stock I'm pretty sure. To get this boat kicking up a beautiful wave I'm just wondering what modifications I should make. Is it possible to add the two rear factory tanks and bow ballast? Would it be better to just add Enzo sacs in the rear lockers? Also if anyone has any pricing advice and what would be a good deal for this boat please let me know! Cheers!

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