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  1. 2007 Centurion Enzo SV230 - Low Hours


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    Original owner, meticulously maintained and operated since I purchased her in August of 2008. Puts out a large, clean surf wave.-330 hp Mercury Black Scorpion with 320 hours. Just changed the oil, filter, both fuel filters and the impeller. Always stored inside or under cover. Excellent interior, vinyl and carpet are in great shape. Cosmetically sound exterior, one 2” scratch in the black gel coat, a few hairline cracks by some of the chrome trim pieces.-Custom 1500 lb Enzo fat sac with Tsunami pump, also has two 200 lb stock hard tanks.-Custom Fresh Air exhaust, makes it safe from CO fumes. Also makes the boat a bit quieter.-Brand new tires, less than 1k, and a spare.-Samson speakers and sub/amp, extra battery with shutoff switch.-Cover still works well, but it has one 2” tear in the center that I’ve patched with gorilla tape, it’s been holding for 4 years now.-Bimini top is in excellent condition.-Lots of extras included with a full price offer: life vests, wetsuits, ropes, fenders, surfboards, 4 person towable tube, quick-release anchor with sand spike. If you’re looking for a nice boat with a great surf wave then you’ve found it.Thanks for looking!


  2. Speedbump, I'll be changing my impeller, oil and filter in a couple weeks or so weather permitting. I have an '07 sv230, so if you would like to see how easy it is and save some $, give me a shout. I'm in Kirkland. Also will be de-winterizing and reinstalling all drain plugs, very easy as well. Surfs almost up!
  3. AC, Super, (and Dura and FirstTimer on chat) thanks for all your help and advice. It ended up being old chunks of my last impeller along with some millfoil weeds that were stuck in the screen before the tranny cooler. Thing is, that impeller was changed out 2 seasons ago. (Guess I'll be calling the shop that changed it) I've put about 100 hrs. on the boat with those chunks in there!! Lesson learned. Impeller change is easy, I'm going to do it at the start of every season just because.....and always pull the hose to check for debris on the other end!! Oh, and we surfed today! Yeeowww!
  4. Hey all, hoping for a little feedback here. I changed my impeller out today just because it had been two seasons since the last one was changed. I'm thinking it had about 80 hrs on it. The old one was still intact, but had some cracks starting to form on the vanes. I followed all of the instructions I've found on this forum to complete the task, and everything went according to plan. Hooked up the fake a lake after completion, and water was coming out the exhaust with no visible leaks around the pump or hoses. So then I take it down to the lake for the first surf of the season, and it overheats at the dock right after put in. Huh, I think. There's no way I put that thing in backwards, I quadruple checked to make sure I put the new impeller in the same way as the old. There shouldn't be any blockages internally since the old one was intact, and the boat ran great last season. Am I missing something? The only thing I can do is pull it out again and actually put it in the other direction. But.....how do I know the right direction unless I just put it back in the other direction, put it all back together, haul it to the lake and try it again. The direction of rotation of the pump looked like counter-clockwise if its sitting on the bench and I'm looking at the impeller. If I put it in backwards the first time, would my fake a lake somehow push enough water past the pump to come out the exhaust? Now that I think about it, the water from the fake a lake seemed to surge a bit.....lots of water coming out, then not as much and so on. I only ran it about 3 or 4 minutes and figured since I was seeing some water at the exhaust I was good to go. Help??
  5. Tower Speaker Advice

    Wow, great info guys. I'm in the same situation right now and was ready to buy a pair of WS Pro 60's. Sounds like the XST 650 may be what I want since all we do is surf. We have the low Evolution tower, so I was looking at the WS60's to keep it compact. I think I may go with 2 pair of the XST 650's since it sounds like I'll want the extra sound eventually. Will one Syn 4 be sufficient to power the 4 tower speakers, a sub and my 6 stock in-boat speakers? Suggestions for which sub and location? Thanks in advance.....and I think I'll want to add the WS-420 as well, sounds fun.....
  6. I agree, I just got the squirt a few weeks ago and it's way more responsive and faster than the BL. I'm pushing 240#. I'd love to try the Sweet Spot though......
  7. Thanks everyone for the great feedback. I'll get to the boat today to see if the seawater pump is on the port side. That is the side where the riser above the manifold is running hot at idle. Again, if I start to pick up speed above idle (in gear) it starts to cool down. I increased the idle in neutral, and it still felt hot. (could keep my hand on it, but definitely hot, and the starboard side is cool as cooler water) It just seems like I remember both risers feeling equally cool to the touch the last two summers. After looking at some pics that Bigshow posted of his impeller change last year, I'm wondering exactly how the water flows through the system. Are there two paths of outgoing flow from the seawater pump, and could one be partially blocked on it's way to the port side causing a reduced flow?
  8. KGordon, thanks for the input. How many hours do you have on your boat, and how many impellers have you had replaced? I'm wondering if there are some pieces of impeller stuck in the chamber above the exhaust manifold. I talked to a mechanic (non marine) who thought that chamber had some twists and turns in it, so maybe I have some partial blockage?? If I remember right, the tops of those chambers are bolted on..... maybe I can pop them off to investigate. Anyone else have any ideas?? I don't know if the fake a lake will help or not, I know I'm getting water through there when I increase speed above idle, (I can feel it cool off somewhat) it's just when I'm idling real slow that it is hot. Thx.
  9. Islander, don't know for sure, and I doubt the mechanic will remember. I'll have to check. I was wondering if that might be a part of the problem, and when he says this is "normal", it makes me nervous.
  10. When I bought my boat new two summer ago, the salesman walked me through the operation of the boat on a test drive. He told me it was a good idea to place both hands on the left and right exhaust manifolds to make sure they felt cool while idling. He said if they were not, that was bad and the engine could overheat etc. I've usually been pretty diligent about checking that, and they have always been cool to the touch. ( just turned 100 hrs. ) I had the impeller replaced this spring, and when I took the boat out for the first time, the left side was cool like usual, but the right side (port, as I'm facing the engine with the cover up) is almost too hot to touch while I'm at idle. If I start to cruise and increase speed, it starts to cool down, but it never feels quite as cool as the other side. The mechanic at the shop tells me this is normal, and to just watch the temp gauge. I'm not feeling real good about that answer...... Any thoughts or comments would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance. Wes Worried NW surfer
  11. I'll have to agree with Bigshow, too much weight in the back will make your wave really high, but short. I only run with an Enzo sac in the port locker, and have the best results when I have 1 or 2 observers sitting on the transom, 1 in the observer seat, and maybe one person in the bow. It's just tough if you don't have 4 or 5 crew with you if you don't have the ballast. More people generally = bigger wave, but you need to keep some bow weight if you're talking about more than 6 or 8 people. Keep playing around with it!
  12. Bimini Top

    If it stops raining I'll try to get some pics of mine this weekend. Are the 4 chrome female mount brackets installed on the tower? Is the piece that broke one of the two 1' tubes that insert into the rear side of the tower? Sounds like you might need to find a machine/fab shop to have a new one made.
  13. Sweet!! More pics please, Jeff. We'll be looking for you on the lake!
  14. Hmm, I agree, something looks different from my Evo tower. The two removable pieces in the rear should insert into one hole for each rod. (directly into the back of the tower) That pic looks like the rods don't insert into the same place as mine. I also have a stripped hole problem with a couple of my mounting brackets on the tower. I guess I'll have to re-tap and find the right size screws.
  15. I agree with desotodave....too much weight in the rear makes the wave huge, but short. The Enzo sac plus one or two people in the back and one or two in the bow makes a sweet wave.

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