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  1. With spring on the horizon and temps rising I've been thinking a lot of what needs to be done to summerize my 2017 S238. I see numerous write ups on winterizing but none on summerizing, a lot of people put their boat to bed in the winter turn key for summer but after calling the dealership to get a run down on what they do to summerize and the price they charge I'm a bit sticker shocked. My local dealership wants damn near $700 to change the fuel filter, cap and rotor, and change out the impeller. I'm sure there were a few more things in there but I pretty much tuned out after hearing labor is $170 an hour. So with that being said, what y'all do to your babies to get ready for boating season?
  2. Cover

    my plan exactly
  3. Cover

    I have been eyeballing the Sew Long double up custom cover that goes up and over the tower https://www.sewlong.com/portfolio/double-storage-cover/ I have been in contact with them recently and for my 2017 S238 it was around $1800 and 5-7 days lead-time
  4. Well Bakes was a bust. The guy at the counter didn't even know what i was talking about, i basically had to school him up on the subject. All he could offer me was to get a hold of the supreme dealership and try to order one. My next stop is a fab shop i guess
  5. upon further investigation i found these pictures of a project on the malibu forums. The pans that come on the malibus are apparently plastic and depending on which way you choose to go, Bakes sells the plastic ones according to their forum. https://www.bakesmarine.com/. As luck would have it i just happen to be headed there today for some other things and i shall keep y'all posted on what i find out.
  6. very interested in this thread, has anyone made any headway on the pan in the off season?
  7. GM HD tow vehicle

    2013 Chevy Silverado 3500 HD 6.6L Dirtymax Diesel. Wheels & Tires: 37x22x13.5 16MPG while towing, 12.8 MPG over the Cascade Mountain Range at 3022' elevation gain 7000+ lbs payload 17500lbs tow capacity 90% of the time I don't even know the boats back there!
  8. Relax fellas, my boat was winterized back in September. The reason for the questions is I'm trying to get a feel for what tricks people do to winterize their boats, granted different regions of the country warrant different measures of course but I see a fair amount of people are from the Pacific Northwest. Ive heard of the lightbulb trick to keep mildew and mold to a minimum inside the cabin area but haven't heard of an engine bay heater as the sole insurance to not freezing up the block. And as far as the earlier antifreeze question, it was asked to me once so I passed it on for a more in depth response.
  9. So if I'm understanding this correctly, you can simply throw one of these bad boys in your engine bay and skip the winterization portion of draining the block? The only thing you would have to do is blow out the heater core?
  10. Let's See Your Rides

    Yes sir, these were the official tow boats of the 2017 NW Wakesurf Championships. I was lucky enough to pick up the red one with all the pro upgrades and settings!
  11. Winterize new to me boat

    I figured it couldn't have been that easy lol.
  12. Winterize new to me boat

    I have a stupid question about winterizing. In regards to draining your block, In theory, couldn't you just run antifreeze through the fake lake until it comes out the exhaust?
  13. S238 tow vehicles

    2013 Chevy Silverado HD Dirtymax

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