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  1. Are you guys running the Acme 1617 prop?
  2. I have a 2017 238 and I'm running the wake makers set up with 750s in the rear lockers and 250s I believe under the bench seats. I added 700lbs of lead last year in the rear lockers and have since acquired 600 more lbs of ballast for this upcoming year.
  3. where are you located, Eastern or Western Wa?
  4. This is quoted from the facebook page, hope it helps on the '16 238, the goofy setup is 100% both hard tanks100% rear goofy pnp0% bow 0% center 0% trim tabSurf right tab click down until wave is clean11mphregular setup:100% both hard tanks100% rear regular pnp50% rear goofy pnp0% bow0% center50% trim tabsurf left click down until wave is clean 11mphwe also run 200 pounds of lead in each rear locker as far back as possible and also 200 pounds of lead on the corner seat of surf side.
  5. I believe you're right, fortunately I have never had the pleasure of testing this theory
  6. 2017 S238 questions

    This is what $88k out the door in 2017 got me, wakemakers upgrade, 6 cleats total, bow fill cushion, heater with hot tube and 2 outlets, walk through wind block Gatorstep flooring, swim step, trailer steps, and fenders clarion CM-2 bluetooth AM/FM USB stereo with 6.5" wet sounds WS65B speakers and HT-6 amp, 2 sets of concert series wet sounds REV 8" tower speakers and a 12" sub swivel board racks for octo tower PTM edge HD mirror PNP rear ballast bags, bow ballast bag and quick surf bimini top with surf pockets, and boat cover depth finder/water temp 1 smooth trac fin touch screen dash monitor with trim tab display zero off cruise control 2nd battery package 6.0 409hp engine and a pimped out tandem trailer with led lighting.
  7. +1 hydrogen peroxide and defiantly test it first cause it will bleach things out, maybe on the bumper of the trailer or somewhere it won't attract some eyeballing FYI it is gator step that you have and yours is called sharkfin, scraped texture
  8. Dealer never came through so I'm ready for that PDF as well
  9. For those of you who are not part of the Centurion/Supreme Facebook page there has been discussion of '17 Supremes water temp display vanishing either after working for a bit or not working at all. Its my understanding that if you have a depth gauge then you should have a water temp gauge as well as it should be one unit. Mine was not working so I recently jammed up my Western Washington Dealer and he was able to get an updated software version from Supreme and it instantly brought back my water temp display after never having it for just shy of a year. I highly recommend at the minimum a phone call to your dealer to see whats up if your water temp crapped out on you or you never had one as a new to you boat. **Disclaimer** My boat is a '17 S238 but it is my understanding that this is good for all the '17s
  10. I got off of work early today and it was 92 out so we took the boat out with a couple hours of daylight left. I threw my new anchor system in the boat so i could sneak in a test run. Couldn't be more pleased! i threw her out with 50' of line in 28' of water and she held like a champ, granted the lake was pretty calm but the wind was a steady 10mph. Upon pulling her up i found two fist size rocks in between the sets of flukes. The flukes weren't even buried in mud like i thought, she was resting on the bottom. 25lb anchor held my 238 solid! Im pretty stoked. She folds up pretty nice and i keep her right next to my fire extinguisher under the passenger seat.
  11. Just imagine the red arrow is the 3 lines coming from the rear locker to your bench.
  12. Heres what it looks like....... This is the port side rear locker 750 bag.The yellow arrows are pointing to the 3 plumbed hoses running up from the 750 to the bench bag via under the rear corner seat. Stern is at the bottom and bow at the top of the picture. This is the port side bench bag These are the 3 plumbed lines coming from the port side rear locker 750 bag. The bench bags do not have a overflow or drain. As the rear locker fills so does the bench bag until it is full and the the rear locker bag finishes filling. The rear locker drains 90% and then sucks the bench bag into a pancake then finishes draining until it too pancakes.
  13. As far as i know it is a custom set up. They piped the rear locker and the benches with 3 tubes instead of one. The benches do not have a overfill or drain, just the 3 incoming tubes so they act in tandem with the rear locker
  14. Ive looked into upgrading my rear lockers from 750s to 1100s but what I have found out is, instead of the 3 hoses connecting my rear locker to my benches like it is now, it would only be 1 which would take forever to drain and fill so i stuffed 350lbs of lead in each locker to make up for it

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