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  1. Picture of the Transmission Cooler
  2. We recently acquired a 13' SV244, been a great boat so far except for the looming transmission and v-drive issue. I've been doing a lot of reading here and learning about these things trying to figure out what the issue may be, but so far have not been able to. So, I figured I'd probe the community and see what they thought may be the issue. First off, how we came to find the issue. We went on a longer boat ride with the plan to stop somewhere along the way to surf, when we stopped to surf the moment we accelerated the transmission started slipping. We decided to drain and head home, at that point we needed to limp home at idle it would no longer let us plain. What we've done since then to troubleshoot and attempt fixing. First we checked the fluids, Transmission read almost completely empty and the v-drive was full of milkshake. So, the next day we filled the tranny and replaced the oil in the v-drive. While we were in there we also checked the transmission cooler for blockages and found none. Afterwards we went for a test drive and everything functioned properly. Then did a secondary flush on all the fluids, Tranny and V-drive . The v-drive was still a little milky but that was presumably from us not removing all of the water the first time. Since then (about a week after fluid changes and daily use) the boat has been functioning properly and we have been checking the fluids at the end of each day. What we have found is that the transmission is definitely leaking fluid, it is visible on the belly of the boat. It isn't leaking a lot and also doesn't seem to be consistent. some days after use there will be little or none lost others it is noticeable. We've taken steps to try and identify the source of the leak but haven't identified it yet. The v-drive also seems to have an issue, it isn't leaking any fluid but it has a noticeable hiss of air when I remove the dipstick, probably an issue with the vent right? There's is also evidence of some droplets of milkshake starting to form if that makes sense? This could be remnants of water from the last 2 flushes. Anyways, If you guys have any ideas on what the issues may be i'd love to hear em' so we can get this boat fixed up. It seems odd to me that these issues are occurring at the same time, so my thinking is that there is something going on with the cooler even though it seems to be in good shape. Planning on doing another fluid flush sometime next week, keep monitoring the fluids and try to locate a leakage source.
  3. New to us 13’ Enzo 244

    Sorry been busy doing maintenence and enjoying the boat! A lot has happened since the last post. We determined that the port QF valve was shot, so it has since been replaced, now working flawlessly. In addition I did figure out a solution to the whole tennis match going on with the rear PNP ballast valve. Our boat came equipped with a front bow bag, The pump was there but the bag was not? Maybe the dealer has it, but doesn't matter. In our experience so far on the boat filling all the balast in the boat (pro bags PNP and QF) and attaching suck gate gives the best result. and if you want the wave a lil longer put 1-2 people in the bow. That said since i had the extra pump on the firewall, so I went to the hardware store got some 1" ID tubing a couple of 90degree fittings and replumbed the bow bag to fill the starboard rear locker bag. Then changed the fill time for the bags and bobs your uncle! No more valve switching and all the bags full at the same time! If anyone is intested in this simple mod I can share more details. Now the real teeth grinder, a few days ago we had out transmission start slipping, had to limp home at idle. when we got back we found that the transmission was nearly empty of fluid and the vdrive was full of milky oil. The fuids have since been replaced and religiously checked after each run. No more slipping or milky oil. We're thinking that at somepoint the bilge mustve been full of water above the driveline and filled them with water. Hoping this is the case, wil keep monitoring and verify that is the case. Also we decided to order the infinity wave surf system for our boat, hopefully that will come in soon so it can be installed and enjoyed before the end of summer. Heres a photo, I cant seem to figure out how attachments work on here can only seem to get one image to fit at a time so if anyone has tips for that it'd be appreciated!
  4. Just picked up our 2013 Enzo SV 244 from the dealership a few days ago! We already love this boat, doesn’t have all the super fancy features of the new centurions but who cares! This boat is sweet; throws a nice wave, has tons of space, great audio system and looks sexy imo. With that said, I’d like to ask some advice of the fellow enzo owners here on the forum. Firstt off we got the boat for a pretty good deal understanding that it wasn’t the best maintained boat out there. Doesn’t bother us tho were a very handy family and willing to do any work to tweak her up. One problem right now is that the boat lists to the port side, im thinking this has something to do with the quick fill valve at the transom of the boat. We’ve isolated that its not the pnp ballast and tried turning up the drain time on the QF system with no luck. We havent tried diagnosing the valve yet, but after some reading around here on the forum i belive that it may not be shutting all the way. Secondly, id love to bypass this whole stupid valve for the pnp ballast in the lockers. We dont have a bag under the seats in the bow of the boat and there is an extra pump on the firewall for it, i was thinking id re-plumb it and just have the computer think it was filling a bow bag but itd be filling the port/starboard bag and change the timers. Finally, our boat came with the bimini top hardware and frame but is missing the can as that goes on it. Ive seen peoples boats like @InfinitySurf and saw he had some sort of custom work done to the bimini to hold surf boards. I was unsure if that was an aftermarket bimini or an upgrade he had made to his own. As for future plans and upgrades, im pretty sure we’ll do the infinity surf tabs at some point and some gator step. If anyone has any advice on the boat for maintenence, upgrades or quality of life things for the bost please chime in i’d love to heat it. Will post some photos soon!

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