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  1. Newbie

    They are out of business.... I was fortunate enough that when my tower broke on my bowrider elite they were still in business and they made me a new upper portion. Unfortunately your only option at this point is to A: find a tower that mounts to the existing points (find the same tower) D: glass in the old holes and get a new tower that fits.
  2. Nacimiento

    I’ll be out there this Saturday. If anyone will be there and see’s me come say hi.
  3. Nacimiento

    Thanks for the offer, but If I make it to Berryessa you and your family will roll with us 😉 Heading to Shasta in a couple weeks for a week can’t wait!

    The tower rest on the curved end and the bottom sits on the floor. I believe it came with boats equipped with the evolution tower. They work in the 23’ Enzo and typhoons but not as well in the avy because the seat. One did not come with my 13 Enzo so if anyone with one is willing to sell me there’s I’m interested. Since my board racks sit on the cousins when the tower is done I’d like one for my gladiator tower.
  5. Nacimiento

    It was fine when in the water or shade. I was at the Gilroy garlic festival Sunday. Glad it was to hot for us and we left early.
  6. Nacimiento

    I was out on Naci today it was 104 degrees. The cove was calm but there were a lot of boats out and pretty choppy everywhere else.
  7. I’ve got the same year and model boat. Fortunately no problems with the touchscreen as of now. I did have it turn off on its own once but that was because of a low battery. Maybe start by making sure your batteries have a full charge and clean the screen really well. I say clean the screen really well because they can get smudges. Also try going into dealer screen (code is 91) and recalibrate the touchscreen. Id check all that off the list before purchasing a new one.
  8. Nacimiento

    Was just there yesterday and there’s still more water then years past! we didn’t see you out Enzo were you in your pontoon?

    That is the pole to hold the tower when folded down.
  10. I’d say take the amp to a local stereo shop and have it bench tested.
  11. Yes disconnect the power to the amp. Since you already removed the RCA’s the problem should be between the amp and sub.
  12. Since you started with the rca, now disconnect the power and reconnect it. If that dose nothing pull the sub and take a look at it. From there take the amp out and have it bench tested at a stereo shop.
  13. Email sent. My main concern with this would be interference with my surf wave. I’m only interested in it because the lakes I use get pretty windy and I always put my boat in a slip. This would make it a one person job and increase resale on my boat.
  14. @byerman I was at the same event, and the centurion was a Fi25 not Fi23 it definitely out performed every boat there as far as wave is considered. Hunter had that boat dialed as what would be expected from a centurion rider bringing it. Did that event (and boats brought) have you thinking one brand or another has better QC then what you have experienced with your centurion? I feel they all were on par as for QC based on what was there, given non of the boats had any issues at the time and everything seemed to work properly on all of them that weekend.

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