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  1. Hull blisters

    For those of us in Atlanta area, we have had a bad time with Centurion dealers. I took mine to Erwin Marine in Chattanooga for service this year. Keep us posted on the new dealer.
  2. I noticed the dark blue connector is different from all of the others. It has obviously been changed before. That would be a good place to start checking. Look closely at the crimp. If the insulation is crimped in the connector you can experience intermittent continuity. Pull on the connector hard, if it comes off you need to replace it.
  3. Lake Powell July 28 - August 6

    You have to post pics!
  4. a few issues

    I notice my fuel gauge doing the same thing with my '16 Ri 237. I attribute this to a 'hysteresis' in the programming for the fuel display. Hysteresis dampens the effect of rapid changes such as sloshing, listing, and bow rise. If hysteresis was not part of the programming, you would see wild fluctuations in your fuel gauge readings. The depth and speed errors are likely due to out of range depth and speed inputs transmitted to the computer. If the readings persist, then the sensors that provide this information to the computer may be bad. I would expect that you would see a trouble code for this.
  5. greasing impellers

    Some of the forums recommend using glycerine as a lubricant. Cole-Parmer chemical compatibility rates the compatibility of neoprene and glycerine as excellent. Wipe on prior to installation for easy insertion. I agree with all of the guys that say that keeping the impeller in the pump over the winter is a bad idea. I change mine each year in the spring. I also recommend investment in the Jabsco impeller puller.
  6. How deep is the water? Maybe a depth alarm?
  7. I like the idea. Does your plate mount with existing mounting holes and hardware or is there drilling involved? What is a ball park cost without shipping?
  8. PCM manual confirms IAT voltage hi.
  9. SPN (suspect parameter number)is "Engine intake manifold #1 temp". I don't have access to FMI (failure mode indicator) now, but my guess would be hi.
  10. Alarm

    Auxilary temp #1 high. I had this same code last summer turned out to be a sensor.
  11. Finding new seat bottom stopper

    Me too. They are local to me so if I order something in the morning, I get it before close of business that day.
  12. Finding new seat bottom stopper

    Try this link. McMaster Carr bumpers
  13. Free swag

    Got the cooler, and a couple of window stickers with mine. I received the customer survey by email (X2) and by snail mail. Filled all three out. I received no response. I was pretty disappointed in my service from my original dealer. I don't know why, but the original dealer no longer has the Centurion line. I was referred to a new dealer. They are about 70+ miles closer, they have thus far been good to work with, and what is better is they corrected the previous dealers screw ups.
  14. Carpet in lockers removed?

    I have thought about putting Dri-Dek panels under my PNPs to provide ventilation. Has anyone else done this.
  15. Rider presets on ri

    My '16 ri 237 had a problem with rider settings last year. I put up with it last year and had the software "updated" at the end of the season. When I put my boat in the water at the beginning of the season, I had all sort of software problems. I took the boat to the "new" dealer and they loaded the correct software. No issue since. Many boat manufacturers put new boats out with software bugs.

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