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  1. here is another question for the guys with older boats what kind of oil are you running in your 351w engines i run valvoline vr-1 20w 50 but was thinking of switching to royal purple HMX– HIGH MILEAGE SYNTHETIC MOTOR OIL
  2. 93 falcon and my neighbor has a 92 falcon
  3. cool i am going to measure the distance from the shaft to the nut (hahahah) and pick up some gtu at west marine
  4. quick question for the falcon thread what size packing for the stuffing box for the drive shaft 93 falcon open bow with 351 dd
  5. 94 Falcon Project

    i went right over the cup holders and then cut them out with a razor
  6. 94 Falcon Project

    I taped 3 foot wide butcher paper down that i found in the kids room and traced it - had to use separate piece for the sides
  7. 94 Falcon Project

    hey skibumm here is what i did last summer it held up good all summer we will see how it does this summer - its almost time the boat goes in the water on April 30th and comes out around halloween
  8. like nick said real low free board not a surf boat we use ours for wake boarding knee boarding and tube pulling. I have taken a couple swampers over the bow in clear lake while picking up riders ( my own wake)
  9. I have the same exact boat same color and all i bought it three years ago in Modesto ca. for 7000 in about the same condition as far as i can tell from the pictures. The boat we bought had a tower and awesome stereo (wetsounds) . iam guessing it has a windsor 351 motor. I think 10000 is a little high
  10. clear lake/water conditions

    dirty crusty falcons sitting in the lake
  11. clear lake/water conditions

    jago bay on clearlake has some great history when it comes to water skiing, when we purchased our little lake house bobby maher put in the back up offer on the house and the first day we put our boat in the water I met two guys on the beach talking about how there use to be a slalom course out in the bay. I introduced myself as the new owner and pointed to our new house and that's when bobby introduced himself and his friend kris lapoint and told me he had a back up offer on our house. I talked with them for a while and they joked about how I should take the wake board tower off my ski boat. I still see bobby every now and again at the marina where I gas up and keep my trailer and there are a couple of wineries close by that have wine bars made by him
  12. clear lake/water conditions

    our boat sits in the water all season long on clearlake and gets a layer of hard green crust. we take the boat out in October and I use star brite ez on ez off and then wax and polish. its a pain in the neck but its what we do. I have two neighbors that do the same thing. In our little bay we have three falcons from the 90s sitting in the water right in front of the cabin where Billy and Bob Maher built the first maherajah ski. clearlake is awesome best lake in cali
  13. fisherman vs surfers!

    I am on clearlake in cali. same lake as bongo just a little south of him big bass fishing lake and we moor our boat on a buoy and I constantly have to check the shore rope for hooks so the kids (who pull them selves to the boat by the rope) don't get a hook. in our little bay we have about 10 bass boats a day come through. this last weekend I found a lure imbedded in the carpet. bass fishing is huge boost to the economy of the lake side towns here with tournaments every weekend it seems. I would love to put up a sign that says "mind your hooks " but I know I would catch a ton of heat. never had a problem out on the water though
  14. Falcon Prop Shaft

    http://www.nauticexpo.com/boat-manufacturer/propeller-shaft-17046.html try these two places https://www.generalpropeller.com/ or maybe skibumm might know??? we both have older falcons

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