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  1. Can I put a wake shaper on the side of it?
  2. If there's a weekend I can make, that one is it. I'm going to try hard this year, thankfully you didn't make it the following weekend which is my anniversary!
  3. I'd think with Trump, buying something that was made in 'murica and exported to maple syrup land would be okay. He claims to want to tax that coming in, not going out.
  4. Does your boat have AC?!?! LOL
  5. Interesting. "The pumps are in a totally accessible location, how can we change that for 2016?"
  6. Dark and I have the same boat, it's weird that his were upside down and mine were right side up. So clearly it comes down to the installer and not much else
  7. Out of curiosity here, I gave everyone the pro tip to use imgur to host their photos (saving site storage and speed) and now miraculously I'm getting a message "You have entered a link to a website that the administrator does not allow links to" when I try to post a photo I uploaded to imgur. I guess this is a "no good deed goes unpunished" situation? Or am I jumping to conclusions here?
  8. Protip for PC users (non-Tapatalk), join, you can drag drop to upload photos for free, when you select one of your photos in imgur it will give you some links on the right side that you can use to access it, use the one that ends in ".jpg". Then when you post here, click the little icon that looks like a picture, it will ask you for a url, paste the jpg url you copied from imgur, hit okay and boom, you see your photo sized to the page, no thumbnails no limits!
  9. Whoa! Antoddio was an undercover dealer this whole time!! It's great to see another dealer taking an active part in this community!! And they're getting closer to me!!
  10. I'd like to see a photo with the bimini open on the S238, I don't like the tower that far back, but if they do the bimini right it could "save" it. The windshield looks horrible. I guess they're thinking drivers want to put their arm out the window while they're driving?
  11. Welcome!! Post up some photos of your ride!
  12. Company picnic is that weekend, I'm going to try and get out of it. Is it bad if the owner doesn't show up?
  13. You should get that many just from the people in here taking delivery on an S238 this month! ;-)