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  1. Just talked to Jim at SpeakerSox, he's going to have Downfire SpeakerSox mid-march. If you shoot him an email (jim@speakersox.com) he'll add your name to a list of people he's going to email when they're ready (he said two weeks).
  2. Onean Electric Surfboard

    A year and a half after the estimated delivery date and a week stuck in customs that forced me to register with the CBP as an importer, I finally got my electric surfboard!! https://vimeo.com/218084231
  3. How to fix a leaky boat

    Can't argue the logic
  4. Taking the boat in to the dealer this coming weekend for some warranty work. So far my list is: 1) Port valterra valve opens slightly when going over 20mph causing the port ram tank to start to take on water 2) Touch screen works intermittently. Sometimes the bottom half won't respond to touch at all, other times the screen is just all black. Intermittent error codes displayed on the screen 3) Tower appears to be a little loose. Was out the other day in fairly small chop and it rattled pretty bad 4) Small mystery leak, probably related to 1) but I'm going to fill it with water tonight to see if it is the rudder or the ram intakes Has anyone dealt with any of these? Any recommendations? I find hand holding works best with them, so I want to have all of the information possible.
  5. Looks awesome!! Strong work! A lot of us use those holes for surf lights, it's the perfect spot.
  6. You must have the GI Joe Kung Fu Grip
  7. X5 on the "triangle" handle, we also have the inland surfer one to match the boat. I have a T handle and a Triangle, and we never touch the T. It's too difficult to hold on to with two hands and like everyone points out, it's very hard for bigger people to use. We have a 300lber in our crew who can't even get out of the water with the T
  8. Follow the plug. Mine didn't come stock, so I bought one and mounted it under the bow port seat, but if yours is stock, it's probably under the observers seat.
  9. I had the PTM and replaced the head with this: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00C9V1RJG I mounted it on the walkthrough windshield and have complete 180 degree view behind me and non-impeded view in front of me. Location is always going to be your preference, but I'd recommend a 180 degree one, then you don't have to fiddle with it when the surfers change sides. $300 seems way overpriced compared to what else you can get (the combo mount and mirror to the amazon link above is $140).
  10. Wet Sounds A-Link

    They must be really really good friends
  11. Exactly my concern as well. There has to be enough of a gap to accommodate all of the angles, allowing lots of room for spray at all speeds
  12. FS vs SV

    You answered your own question. More freeboard is more space for ballast.
  13. NY wake laws coming into effect

    I couldn't believe it either! https://www.amazon.com/Aqua-Net-Professional-Hairspray-Unscented/dp/B003C6B48Q You haven't lived unless you had your eyes and lungs coated in AquaNet... Some dude did an entire comparison of potato gun fuel, AquaNet beat everything else out by far, it's probably what's keeping them in business.
  14. 2015 FS33 owners manual?

    True story! I also wish we could upload PDFs, only lets you upload image files.
  15. NY wake laws coming into effect

    I stuck with a 1.5 chamber to barrel ratio and that gets me about 300 yards with a 4 foot barrel. I can hit 100ft on the other side of the no wake buoy from our back porch with a 5 second spray of Aquanet... Disclaimer: Of course we don't aim at or shoot at any boats or any other objects on the water.
  16. 2015 FS33 owners manual?

    Couldn't find it online so I scanned it: https://www.dropbox.com/s/d80xdyiqpl9j2fa/Touch Vision II.pdf?dl=0
  17. 2015 FS33 owners manual?

    The touch screen manual is pretty thick, it will be hard to scan. Everything else is generic. I'll see if I can find a link to an online version in mine when I get home.
  18. NY wake laws coming into effect

    Haha! Luckily it's not on our side of the lake, we're in wide open waters. I do wish they'd put it in our cove though... That and ''No tubing". In similar news I made a potato gun this past fall. If I can hit you with a potato from our back porch, you're too close.
  19. NY wake laws coming into effect

    They’re already putting up “no wake surf” buoys on Lake Anna
  20. WS420 or WS220

    X2 on the 420sq, we use the bluetooth on the factory stereo. I only use two zones, tower and cabin, we rarely have people up front and if there are, they're kids. But setting them as a 3rd zone is not a bad idea at all.
  21. NY wake laws coming into effect

    We're dealing with this on Lake Anna in VA. I'm mixed on my feelings. On Lake Anna they want 200ft (600 is RIDICULOUS!) and cite the same reasons. Current law is 100 (or 150, can't remember), but I've never seen them enforce it. I'd like to see them enforce the current laws first, then look to extend if erosion or other issues are still happening. We're on both sides of the argument, we surf, but we also have a house on the lake with a boat house and little beach for my 2 year old daughter all within a no wake zone. Some people in our cove like to surf and buzz the no wake line staying on the legal side, but it's still a MASSIVE wave when it gets to her that would easily pick her up and slam her against the retaining wall or rip-rap. So needless to say, we don't let her play in an area that we built for her to play in. In this situation I'd love to see the surf boat get ticketed, I'd also like to see better driver awareness and responsibility. An unpopular opinion for this site is that we're doing this to ourselves. We're trying to make bigger and better waves to surf. Bigger boats that hold more ballast, more water, with better systems to make even bigger waves, but we're not thinking about the repercussions. The damage to shore lines, other boats, and God forbid a little kid gets killed because of our our scenario above. There will be a breaking point, and we're starting to see it now.
  22. Exactly! I guess the boats that need modded are getting replaced with boats that don't. Most posts now are how much lead and what are your settings. <rant>It's also getting to be too much "this model is better than this model" and "this year better than this year" pissing contests. I guess they're helpful to those needing to make decisions, but too many opinions are passed as fact for me.</rant> I've noticed I'm on here less and less these days. I must be getting old.
  23. The S238 Feeback thread

    We call people with their bumpers out Wally's. Even when I drive the boat from it's wet slip to the boat ramp I pull them in, and it's only a 2 minute ride. But to each his own... Wally...
  24. Same thing happened to me when someone tripped over my power cord on the dock, it broke the clips. You can go two routes, just order new ones from amazon and sew them both on, or go through your dealer and have Fineline send a new set, then you only need to sew one side.
  25. 2015 FS33 owners manual?

    Did you get this squared away? I can scan and email if you still need it

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