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  1. Old centurions

    There are a few of us old boat owners on here.
  2. 94 Falcon Project

    Let me know what they say. What does the back deck of yours look like? I wonder if it is the same as mine.
  3. 2004 Sports

    Most likely will have to go to a upholstery shop and have it custom made. If you have the old one it should pretty simple to replicate for them
  4. 2006 T5 Air Warrior

    It would depend on what you are looking to do. If you are wanting to surf mainly then the avy for sure. If your wanting to ski then the T5. You will have more room in the Avy but as an owner of a slalom tug that is not even an open bow you can still get people into them and have a fun day just not as roomy. You can also surf a direct drive but it is not its design and you will be working just to stay in the pocket that is the size of a dime. So my two cents from a skier is that the Avy is a better fit unless you are going to be chasing bouys in a course
  5. They have fiberglass encapsulated wood stringers in that boat. It is the exact same construction as your Supra. That being said it could be the floor and not the stringers. My 94 floor is very solid except for the filler panel in the rear has a little flex in it but it is not soft just a little weak.
  6. In for the win 94 with 3493 hours on original power.
  7. 1992 Falcon Parts

    Great Lakes skipper will have a pylon that fits. You can use the first seat on the above link which is almost exactly like original if you wish. I would simply get one that you like. The next issue will be the base. Mine is on a hard plastic base that is angled from about 2 inches to 3-4 four inches.
  8. Lift foil....so cool!

    That really cool. THanks
  9. Now you know why I have my 94 Falcon still. I have skid behind just about every boat out there and there has been none I like better to ski behind. That hull goes back to the tru trac days of the mid 80s. There were slight tweaks here and there but nothing major changed. They did introduce the Lapoint I believe in 95 (my brother has one) that has a slight V hull but I don't like it as well to ski behind. The tru trac hull has gone through all the way to the eclipse and even the carbon pro is very very similar.
  10. Now you know why I do not have a new slalom tug. I have not found one that skis better than my 94 Falcon. They are as good but not any better. Mine does have more of a bump at 28 off than the new ones but not much more. The hull is pretty much the same as the older tru trac which went through the eclipse as well.
  11. Did Shane figure out where the water in the cylinders was coming from? There are only a couple of reasons that could happen. If it runs correctly could it be that you are pulling water back up through the exhaust when you shut it off?
  12. Lake Powell Fun

    Yup most likely as we were in Padre up Kane
  13. Lake Powell Fun

    Yea we got there the 9th. We were in Kane creek in padre bay. Will be heading back in august. We had crazy wind on the 11th that had a gust of I'm guessing 80+ mph. It was the strongest wind I've ever felt and it tore our awning to shreds. After that it was great weather.
  14. Lake Powell Fun

    Dji phantom 3. It was my daughters Christmas gift and her flying.
  15. Just a little video from our lake powell vacation

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